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best plunge router

Best Plunge Router – 2020 Reviews With Comparisons]

Plunge routers are some pretty versatile tools which mostly every handyman and carpenter needs to have in their arsenal. Yet, choosing the right one to suit your needs is easier said than done. Today we are here to help you find the best plunge router of

biscuit jointer

Top 5 Best Biscuit Joiner in the Market For 2020

If you want to make clean efficient joints without unsightly screws or bolts one of the easiest ways of doing so is with the best biscuit joiners.But what is the best biscuit joiner on the market today?That’s exactly what we have set out to answer.

wood chisel

6 of the Best Wood Chisels (Every Woodworker Should Own)

When buying the best wood chisels in 2019 there are a number of issues to consider. Budget is one of course. Do you opt for the money-saving method of buying a set, or slowly build your collection via individual tools?There’s also the question of which

What is a 23-Gauge Pin Nailer Used For?

What is a 23-Gauge Pin Nailer Used For?

There are so many tools out there! How can you possibly know which is the best one for a given situation? Especially when it comes to things like pin nailers, nail guns and brad nailers, the landscape can get pretty confusing. Here, we’re covering the pin

Finish Nailer vs. Brad Nailer

Finish Nailer vs. Brad Nailer

To understand the important differences between a finish nailer and a brad nailer, it’s helpful to better understand the differences between brads and finish nails to begin with. Quick Navigation Brad NailsFinish NailsFinish Nailer vs. Brad NailerDifferent Types of Nailers Related Reading: Check out our

How To Use A Tap & Die Set The Right Way

There are all sorts of situations where you may need to create or repair a thread. From screws that break off in their holes, to damaged bolts that need to be drilled out again. Whether you’re a mechanic, metal or woodworker or just up for

english wheel

Best English Wheel Reviews – Top 5 Picks (2020 Update)

What is the best english wheel you can buy in 2018? That’s what we will look in to today. We’ve pulled together 5 top rated wheels to bring you a comprehensive comparison and review of each. For our findings at a glance, just head to

concrete grinder

Buying the Best Concrete Grinder (2020 TOP 5 PICKS)

What is the best concrete grinder on the market in 2018? That’s exactly what we look into today. We have taken 5 top rated grinders and dived deep to give you a comprehensive low down on each. For our findings at a glance, just check

How To Use A Wood Chisel

A chisel is one of the most important not to mention the least understood woodworking hand tools. And while we took an in depth look at some of the best chisels available on the market today (here), it is time we covered some of the

How To Sharpen A Machete (+ The Best Tools For The Job)

When using a machete you need to ensure that it is sharp. Otherwise, you will be working inefficiently and could even end up injuring yourself. So what it the best way to sharpen a machete, and how do you do it? That’s exactly what we