Winco 12 inch Knife Sharpening Steel Review

Winco 12 inch knife sharpening steelWinco are a relatively new comer to the knife sharpening arena. Established in 1992, Winco (Or DWL Industries Co.) now manufacturers and imports kitchenware all over the world.

Their range of knife and sharpening products are actually targeted at professional chefs and restaurateurs, meaning the overall quality of their output is actually very high.

The Winco 12 inch sharpening steel is no different. Although targeted at the consumer market, this tool would not be out of place in a professional kitchen.

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The build quality is good and the tool is well balanced considering its 12 inch length. In fact, we recently reviewed the J.A Henckels 9 inch sharpening steel citing user complaints that the tool was a little light in the hand for beginner usage.

The Winco 12 inch steel does not suffer from this, its robust weight allowing for firmer strikes against the blade.

Product Details

  • Stainless steelWinco 12 inch knife sharpening steel side
  • Handle length measures 5″
  • Plastic handle with hanging loop
  • 12 inch sharpening blade
  • Wipe with soft damp cloth for cleaning

Bottom Line

At a low price point and generally high user reviews, the Winco 12 inch sharpening tool is a recommended purchase.

If however you prefer are more balanced tool, (that comes with a life time guarantee we might add), you might want to opt for the J.A Henckels 9 inch knife sharpening steel.

Click here to view product prices and reviews on Amazon

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