Which Sewing Scissors Are The Best For Cutting Material?

A good pair of sewing scissors is the secret weapon in a dressmaker’s arsenal. The right pair is essential for any aspiring seamstress. If you’ve been sewing for some time, you would have tried to cut through pieces of fabric with regular scissors, anything that happens to be lying around. This might have made your cutting task more difficult than it needed to be, right? 

Your choice of sewing scissors shouldn’t be an afterthought as the best scissors make your sewing faster, smoother as it can cut through even the toughest of fabrics like a knife through butter.

A good pair of sewing scissors allows seamstresses to make quick, precise cuts through a large variety of fabric types and prevents wrist and hand pain, a common complaint among them.

With so many different models of sewing scissors offering a range of functionalities available, buying one best suited to your specific needs can overwhelm you.  For example, the material used for the blades dictates their sharpness and the materials they’re best suited to cut.

Listed below are some of the finest sewing scissors that you should opt for:


Kai, a Japanese-made scissor and shear line is a high-quality brand which uses stainless steel and vanadium for their scissors. Designed exclusively for sewing and quilting they offer a satisfying cutting action and can slice through any fabric or material you happen to be working with.

Kai’s scissors are long-lasting and offer a comfortable grip that works for all hand sizes. They have two product lines covering a broad range of skill levels:

The 5000 series which comes fitted with ergonomic handles and works for everyone, from hobbyists to amateurs, and the 7000 series which is a professional-grade line for experienced sewers. The only cons of this brand are the prices which are on the higher end.

2. Fiskars

Manufactured in Finland, Fiskars is one of the best left-handed sewing scissors. The patented handle design in trademark orange is ergonomically designed for longer durations of use and can cut through very thick fabrics, multiple layers of material, cardboard, laminate, and even light metal. 

Their scissors feature finely tempered and faceted blade which are ground and hardened for durability. They offer everything from really inexpensive models to high-end pairs with all the bells and whistles.

3. Gingher

Gingher, one of the best brands is known for its classy, all-metal scissors with their trademark silver or golden handles. Specially designed for sewing, quilting, and embroidery these offer premium performance at a great price. The blades provide impeccable cutting action and excellent results on a wide range of materials. Their bent handle design makes holding fabrics flat for the smoothest and most precise cuts. The only downside is the lack of soft padding or ergonomic features which might make them uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time. 

Taking proper care of your sewing scissors will ensure they stay with you for years to come and prove a worthy investment in your sewing toolbox.

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