What Is The Definition Of A Breakfast Knife?

Originally invented in France, the breakfast knife is a really great knife to have in your kitchen drawer. Let’s be honest, you may not have even heard of one before so let’s see what this knife is all about.

In past decades, having the right cutlery for the right occasion was crucial. Particularly for wealthier families, using the wrong cutlery for your dinner party would have got tongues wagging across all the town about how you lacked class or had no manners.

Fortunately today, we are not quite so cutlery obsessed. We probably only have one set of cutlery which will have to do the job for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The odd steak knife might be in your drawer if you’re a big meat eater but apart from that, you may not even have a butter knife.

Exclusive restaurants still tend to use the traditionally right cutlery when serving. In fact, there are special hospitality schools where knowing the right utensil for the right food is taught and students are tested through examinations to make sure they have the right knowledge!

Don’t worry, I won’t be testing you at the end of this article so you can carry on eating your dinner with a spoon but I will introduce you to the breakfast knife.

This knife is great to use for continental breakfasts. It has a serrated edge so you can cut into bread easily but its rounded tip, as opposed to pointed, enables you to spread butter and jam easily without having to change utensil. Because the tip is also quite wide, you can use it to spoon honey only your toast.

These knives, as well as being handy little things to use, are often rather charming to look at. They sometimes come with wooden handles and make an attractive addition to the breakfast table.

Now we all like to have people over, especially for brunch. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning eating with friends and perhaps drinking a glass of bubbly. Croissants, pastries, crusty bread with butter and a delicious choice of jams will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and it is a meal that is far easier to make than a big fry up.

If you buy a set of these dinky little utensils, it will also make everyone beam and act as a conversation point. Be careful though, you might find they start to go missing!

So, the definition of a breakfast knife is a specially designed knife traditionally used from continental breakfasts. It cuts, spreads and spoons by virtue of its design. If it is not this special shape, it is not a breakfast knife. Having said that, if you want to use it for meals other than breakfast, be my guest!

What Is The Definition Of A Breakfast Knife?

Now, like me, you may now be dreaming of delicious breads and jams but your jeans are telling you that that pizza you had last weekend is now showing on your belly. Never fear, you can still create a wonderful breakfast/brunch by following these delicious treats that are developed by nutritionists https://www.youbrewmytea.com/75-freestyle-weight-watchers-recipes-for-breakfast/ 

Go and buy some breakfast knives and call a few friends for Saturday brunch. Remember though, make sure you count them all before everyone leaves!  

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