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Ultimate Guide To Survival & Pocket Knives [Infographic]

survival-knife-ultimate guide infographic

Infographics are great way of learning new information. A quick search online and you will find all manner of impressively designed graphics, with detailed info about knives and sharpening.

Take the one below, courtesy of

They have provided a wonderful resource all about survival knives. In the easy to use chart, you can learn what the ideal length and thickness for a survival knife is; what the pros and cons of different pocket knife designs, what blades are useful for what tasks and a whole lot more.

And let’s face it, finding out about all that is far more fun via a well designed infographic, than it is a wall of text.

We here at Sharpen-up are currently putting together some graphics we think will be informative for our audience – in the mean time however, enjoy this one from Fix.

pocket-and-survival-knives infographic

Ultimate Guide To Survival & Pocket Knives [Infographic]
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