Here are some related Internet sites on Electronics and Robotics. Have fun.

Microcontroller Electronics HobbyA good site for DIY electronic projects.
6.270 Autonomous Robot Design CompetitionMIT’s 6.270 robotics course home page.
6.270 FTP siteMIT’s 6.270 FTP site.
Alex’s LibraryOnline guide to electronic and electrical info
Motorola FTP download areaMotorola’s FTP site. Freeware compilers and misc. info on the 68HC11 can be found here.
The AntsMIT AI Lab microbots
Dunfield Development SystemsThey also have a commercial C compiler for the 68HC11
Electronics info pageTomi Engdahl’s FAQ’s and HOWTO page on electronics.
Findchips.comA good electronic parts search site. It queries the major parts distributors to see if the item is available.
Frank Scott’s Hexapod RobotsHis home page on several of his Hexapod robots he has built.
GNU C for 68HC11&68HC12This site describes the GNU Development chain for the Motorola 68HC11 & 68HC12 micro-controllers. The cross compiler works on any host supported by GNU tools (Solaris, GNU/Linux, HP/UX, Windows,…).
Handy BoardHandy Board home page.
Handy Board HB-BuffaloFor those who wish to write 68HC11 assembly code, Charles Hacker has written a Buffalo like monitor for the HB along with an easy to use MS-Windows Editor / Compiler / Terminal program.
Handy Board library for ICC11Chuck McManis has written a Handyboard library for Imagecraft ICC11. We have tested this library with ICC11 version 5 and it work fine on the Finger Board.
Hints on Sonar with the 6.270 boardExample code for using Polaroid sonars + some serial i/o stuff.
ICC11 (freeware version)Download site for the freeware version of ImageCraft ICC11 C compiler for MS-DOS.
ICn: Native Mode C Compiler for HC11A faster Interactive C compiler. Source code for Unix available only.We have compiled the source code on a 486 Linux pc and found no problems running ICn on the Finger Board.
ImageCraftMakers of the commercial version of ICC11 C compiler.
Interactive CMIT’s FTP site for the freeware version of Interactive C.
JBug11A nice 68HC11 monitor/debugger.
Jones on Stepping MotorsA tutorial on basic principles of stepping motors
Karl Lunt’s Home PageAuthor of SBasic and tiny4th compilers for the 68HC11.
MACH2 from ArtSoft SoftwareEasy to use Windows CNC software.
MIT AI Lab The Mobot groupMIT’s AI mobile group.
Mobile Robots: Inspiration to ImplementationJoseph L. Jones and Anita M. Flynn excellent book on Mobile Robots.
Newton Research LabsPlace to get the commercial version of Interactive C and other robotics stuff.
NoICE Remote DebuggerJohn Hartman shareware debugger for 68HC11 and other processors.
Parallel Port CentralJan Axelson site for information on the IBM Parallel Port. contains a freeware 68HC11 assembler, as11, and source code for the Interactive C pcode interpreter. Also includes gcc C compiler. All for MS-DOS.
Robot Books.comOnline book sellers
Robot Information CentralArrick Robotics site with links to other pages.
Roger’s Embedded Microcontrollers Home PageAnother site that has lots of good links
RobotCafeA good robotics links page.
Student Papers From Previous SemestersUniversity of Florida MIL student papers on Robotics. Lots of example Interactive C code.
Sylvain Bissonnette Home pageHe has a very good 68HC11 bootloader running under Win95/NT
China MoonA good restaurant.
Cierra Building CompanyI created this website for my brother in law.

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