Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener Review

Presto 08800 EverSharp Review

best-knife-sharpener-electric_knife_sharpenerThe performance and budget price are the real selling points of the Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener. It really is a great alternative to the Hybrid 220 from Chef’s Choice, (a similarly priced unit that was crowned our best budget sharpener – there is little to choose between them however). It is amazing that the manufacturers can pack so much punch into these devices at such a low cost.

Anyway, what does it feature? The ability to sharpen a wide range of knives for a start, with sporting and kitchen knives catered for. (It does struggle with serrated knives however as it will gradually wear down the high points of the serrations which in turn slowly degrades the knife.)

The two-stage sharpening process stands up against more expensive products we have reviewed. Stage 1 grounds and sharpens, with the refinement taking place in Stage 2. The unit uses Sapphire sharpening wheels a hard and durable material. Not as robust as diamond however.

There is a guidance mechanism to ensure that the blade is held at the correct angle during sharpening. The unit also benefits from suction cups on the base that hold the unit securely on flat surfaces.

The first stage actually removes metal from the knife in order to sharpen. Over time small shavings are collected within two receptacles at the base of the sharpener, ready for convenient disposal.

At first sight, the Presto 08800 is an ergonomic looking tool. In a modern kitchen it looks great in place on the worktop.

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Ease Of Use

Using the Presto electric knife sharpener is relatively simple. Start by wetting the rubber suction cups on the bottom of the unit and fix down on a clear work surface.

Select the knife for sharpening and slowly pull the blade through Stage one, before moving onto stage two. When researching user reviews across many online sources, most people confirmed the ease of which the sharpener is to use. A definite plus point as this entry level sharpener is a favorite with those purchasing an electric knife sharpener for the first time.


User Opinion

What other opinions did buyers of this sharpener have to state?

There are few complaints, with most customers being very impressed with the overall performance at what is a low cost.

Some suggest that knives can remain dull after sharpening, with others complaining that it can take several passes to create the finish you need. (The more passes taken, the more metal is shaved, thus lessening the life span of your knife.)

Other negatives include the fact that depending on the material, type, and condition of the knife, it may grind unevenly into the blade.

Some have experienced stalling of the sharpening wheels if too much downward pressure is used.

However, such points do come down to the fact you are getting what you pay for. The product is after all a low budget commercial knife sharpener. It is unfair to expect the professional sharpness that some consumers demand. For top quality results you have to expect to pay more.

Overall the Presto 08800 Electric Knife Sharpener, delivers satisfy results at a more than affordable price.

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Video Demonstration of the Presto 08800 Eversharp

Some History

When we have a contender against the usual Chef’s Choice brand, it’s always interesting to delve a little into the back-story of the company.

Presto (National Presto Industries, Inc) is actually more than 100 years old. The companies roots are in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, starting out as a canning product manufacturer back in 1905. By 1939 the company had moved into producing small household appliances, with electrical goods beginning 10 years later in 1949.

With the onset of electrical appliances taking over the home during the post war boom of the 50’s Presto entered the electric knife sharpening market with their first sharpener. Still going strong today, the Presto range is a popular alternative to the abundance of EdgeCraft products available.

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