OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening Steel

The OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening Steel Reviewed

OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening SteelOXO is a relatively young company in the knife-sharpening world. Founded in 1990, the firm actually specializes in a full range of kitchen and home utensils, including a well respected series of knives. Their mission statement focuses on ‘providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier.’

With a wide range of available products, they have actually made very little impact with their sharpening tools – can the OXO Good Grip Sharpening Steel change all of that?

On first appearance we liked what we saw. The black, ‘ergonomically designed’ (their words not ours) handle, is non slip and is actually very comfortable to hold. A large safety collar on the tool also prevents your hands getting in the way during the honing process.

The OXO Good Grips is a 14 inch sharpening steel, making it longer than a lot of other steels currently available on the market. A longer steel can actually be more cumbersome to use if you do not know what you are doing, however we found the Good Grips to be well balanced, with the length not causing any issue.

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The OXO is actually aimed at household as well as professional kitchens, and it does give a performance to match. The sharp, stainless steel blades are specially hardened in order to be able to tackle a full range of knives. We were certainly happy with the results.

Overall a really good sharpening steel for the price. The OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening steel is a well-made, easy to use steel, coupled with great performance. It comes highly recommended.

OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening Steel horizontalProduct Features

  • Sharpening steel keeps all household knives professionally honed
  • Black, ergonomically correct, nonslip rubber handle ensures safe, secure grip
  • Safety collar keeps hands out of the way
  • Wipe steel with towel after using; wash and dry thoroughly on occasion
  • Measures approximately 14 inches long; lifetime warranty

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