Norton 3 Stone Sharpening System Review

Norton IM200 Sharpening System Review

Norton IM200 -8The number 1 manual stone sharpener to make our top 10 list is the Norton IM200 -8″ Three Stone Sharpening System. A household version of the well-known IM313 sharpener, this device benefits from the Norton brand quality – a manufacturer that has been a sharpening standard for professionals for more than 80 years.

However, it being a stone sharpener, does mean the IM200 will not be to everyone’s taste, to use one of these devices does take practice. Revered by professionals, they do not always suit the home kitchen for those looking for a convenient way to sharpen their knives.

For those that do persevere and learn the skill of manual stone sharpening, the results do really speak for themselves.

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The Norton IM200 3 stone sharpening system includes 100-grit and 150-grit silicon carbide stones and a 320-grit aluminum oxide stone. The course Crystolon stone is fast cutting, ideal for repairing damaged and severely dull edges.

The medium stone sharpens dull edges and is used to upgrade the finish left by the course stone.

Norton IM200 -8The fine India stone is used as a honing device and provides a precision edge ideal for most food preparation. This is the stone that should be used on a regular basis in order to maintain a high quality edge to your knives.

The beauty of a stone sharpening system such as the IM200, is the level of control you have over your sharpening. As stated, it does take practice, however once mastered you are able to refine your knives to an acute level of precision that just isn’t achievable using a normal electric sharpener.

For stability, the unit also contains non-slip rubber feet. A reservoir and angle guide form part of the tool, with a 4.5 oz can of sharpening stone oil supplied for lubrication.

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The Bottom Line

If you take your knife sharpening seriously and have either experience using a manual stone system or are keen on experimenting, the IM200 is definitely the one to buy.

With the Norton design excellence and quality grade sharpening stones, this device will certainly please professionals and home chef’s alike.

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