Master Grooming Tools TP5352 02 SharpPro Sharpener

Master Grooming Tools TP5352 02 SharpPro SharpenerThe Master Grooming tools SharpPro sharpener is a product that has suffered from a review standpoint.

It happens sometimes, once in a while a manufacturer releases a tool onto the market that is just not up to the job it is designed to do.

The manufacturer’s description in this case actually warns users should use an old knife that they are not concerned about breaking, in order to practice the sharpening process. This doesn’t bode too well.

The product is actually a slight departure from what we normally review on Sharpen-up, in that it is specifically designed to sharpen dog grooming tools, (scissors, clippers and such like.)

A niche market, but nonetheless a large one. If done right, a tool to cater for such users would do very well. Unfortunately, Master Grooming Tools, have missed the mark. Many reviews have ended with saying that people should not waste their money.

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Product Description

The system works using a compact ½” grinding disc mechanism. Some users have cited this to be very noisy. Although it works on all kinds of metals, you cannot use the SharpPro on ceramic knives. Replacement discs are available and are sold separately.

Bottom Line

Universally panned, the Master Grooming Tools TP5352 02 SharpPro Sharpener, really is one to avoid. It seems you are better placed to spend your hard earned cash elsewhere. You have been suitably warned.

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