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How To Get A Smooth Black Patina On A Carbon Steel Blade

We have all seen a black finish on blades before. It has become more and more popular over recent years from everything to a quality flipper knife, to titanium dive knives. One of the major reasons being it looks damn cool. (From a practical perspective,

japanese vs western style knives

Western vs Japanese Style Knives

Western Style Knives The fundamental difference between Western style knives and their Japanese counterparts, is the fact that the Western knife is sharpened on both sides of the blade. They therefore have what is called a symmetrical bevel. This obviously has an impact on the

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How to Sharpen a Bread Knife (or any Serrated Knife) with Ease

Sharpening a bread knife or any other serrated knife requires a different technique to sharpening a straight edged knife. It is easy to see why – on a serrated knife, each serration has to be manually sharpened individually. However, sharpening your bread knife need not be

straight edge razor sharpening

How to Sharpen a Straight Edge Razor

Sharpening your straight edge razors need not be a chore once you have read this guide. The fact is, shaving with straight edge razors is very much coming back in vogue. A lot of men are taking their skin care and shaving practices more seriously

knife sharpening angles and bevels explained

Knife Sharpening Angles – What Does it all mean?

If you are relatively knew to the world of knives and sharpening, jargon surrounding the various angles for a knife can end up being a little confusing. Especially when it comes to purchasing a knife sharpener – how do you know which sharpening angles are

how to sharpen a ceramic knife

How to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife

So how exactly does one go about sharpening a ceramic knife? Many people have ceramic knives in their kitchen, the reason for buying one in the first place is that ceramic is such a hard material. These knives last a long time. However, although ceramic

How to Sharpen a Knife

How to Sharpen a Knife

As I am sure you are aware, there are a number of ways to sharpen a knife. However, the methods and tools you will use vary depending on the type of knife you wish to sharpen, and the time you wish to invest in doing