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How to Use a Garden Tiller

In a follow up to our recent best electric tiller review article, we thought we’d delve a little deeper on how, when and why you should use this handy tool. So first we’ll get right to the basics… What Is Garden Tilling? Tilling of land

How To Sharpen A Machete (+ The Best Tools For The Job)

When using a machete you need to ensure that it is sharp. Otherwise, you will be working inefficiently and could even end up injuring yourself. So what it the best way to sharpen a machete, and how do you do it? That’s exactly what we

How to Use a Diamond Sharpening Stone

Every craftsman worth his or her salt employs the use of a sharpening stone to keep his or her tools perfectly honed. While there is an abundance of natural stones out in the world for a craftsman to use, many employ the use of diamond sharpening

How To Use A Wet Tile Saw

No matter the household, or how handy you think you are, there’s always another home improvement project to take up your time. The problem is, many of these tasks require specific kinds of tools. Tiling is no different. Whether you are tiling a new floor,

How To Shuck Oysters With A Knife

Oysters are a treat for many of us. This usually means we do not have them very often, especially at home. Because of this you may not know how to shuck (i.e open) an oyster the right way. Well rest assured, we are here to

Best Way to Clean a Chef’s Knife

Whether you’re a professional chef or handy in the kitchen at home, your chef’s knife is going to see regular action. As the workhorse of the kitchen it is very important that you keep your knife clean. This of course is vital for hygiene reasons,

How To Get A Smooth Black Patina On A Carbon Steel Blade

We have all seen a black finish on blades before. It has become more and more popular over recent years from everything to a quality flipper knife, to titanium dive knives. One of the major reasons being it looks damn cool. (From a practical perspective,

japanese vs western style knives

Western vs Japanese Style Knives

Western Style Knives The fundamental difference between Western style knives and their Japanese counterparts, is the fact that the Western knife is sharpened on both sides of the blade. They therefore have what is called a symmetrical bevel. This obviously has an impact on the

knife sharpening angles and bevels explained

Knife Sharpening Angles – What Does it all mean?

If you are relatively knew to the world of knives and sharpening, jargon surrounding the various angles for a knife can end up being a little confusing.Especially when it comes to purchasing a knife sharpener – how do you know which sharpening angles are catered

How to Sharpen a Knife

How to Sharpen a Knife

As I am sure you are aware, there are a number of ways to sharpen a knife. However, the methods and tools you will use vary depending on the type of knife you wish to sharpen, and the time you wish to invest in doing