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How To Clean a Sword Using Household Items

How To Clean a Sword Using Household Items

You: Red-Headed Scottish Highlander, long beard and hair whipping in the windy hills, mounted on his rugged horses, traveling for days on end to escape the Redcoats, ready for swashbuckling action at every turn. Wiping the blood of your opponent directly onto your clan’s plaid,

How To Measure a Chainsaw Bar

How To Measure A Chainsaw Bar

Chainsaw bars come in a variety of sizes. It’s pretty intuitive: the longer the bar, the larger the job your chainsaw can handle. Read Article: How To Clean a Sword Using Household Items Quick Navigation How do I measure a chainsaw bar? Is there more than

How to Cut Laminate Flooring & the Tools to Use

If you are thinking about embarking on some DIY to lay laminate flooring there are a few things you need to consider before you begin. Apart from sourcing the new boards, you need to make sure you have the correct tools for the job. And that

How To Sharpen A Fillet Knife

Image Credit: Wuesthof.comWhether your a fisherman, a fishmonger or a cook that enjoys preparing fish for the plate, the fillet knife will be one of your most important tools. (Head here to see our number one fillet knife for 2016).With this being the case, you

How To Use A Boning Knife

In a follow up to our recent look at the best butcher knives on the market, we are going to discuss another very handy tool you will find in both the kitchen and the butcher’s shop: the trusty boning knife. So, what is a Boning

How To Safely Use a Metal Chop Saw

Do you have a project that demands you make use of a steel chop saw? This article essentially provides a clear explanation of what you should keep in mind when using a steel chop saw. Actually, all steel chop saws are designed with similar friction

21 Helpful Metal Lathe Tips For Beginners

Last Updated on 14th January 2020As a follow up to our recent in depth review of some of the best metal lathes on the market, we have brought together some helpful tips you should bare in mind when you switch on your new machine. The

How to Choose the Right Bolt Cutters for the Job?

A bolt cutter is a very handy tool. Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, there will be times where the only solution is to pull out the bolt cutter and make quick work of the offending obstacle in your way. The most common uses for

English Wheel Basics – What is it and how to use one

The English wheel is an essential metal working tool, that is associated with the craft of panel beating. More specifically, it enables the user to form compound (double curvature) curves from flat sheets of metal. The most often used material with a an English wheel is

How To Use A Scroll Saw

These days many homeowners don’t mind jumping in to fix up faulty home furniture as well as fixtures and fittings. If you are carrying out any intricate work with wood, one of the tools you will end up needing is the scroll saw. But do

how to sharpen a ceramic knife

How to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives will eventually worn out and would need some sharpening. So one must at least learn how to sharpen a ceramic knife. Many people have ceramic knives in their kitchen, the reason for buying one in the first place is that ceramic is such

How To Use a Portable Band Saw (Without Losing a Finger)

A portable band saw is a very handy tool. Sometimes known as a portaband, these saws enable you to work almost anywhere, especially if you opt for a battery powered model. If you are looking to buy a new band saw, I recommend that you take a

How To Use A Bow Saw

In a follow up to our top 5 best bow saw review article, we thought we would take an in depth look into the history of the bow saw, and offer some practical tips on how you actually use one. You may not realise this, but

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How to Sharpen a Serrated Bread Knife with Ease

Can you sharpen a bread knife? Absolutely.Sharpening a bread knife requires a different technique to sharpening a straight edged knife.It is easy to see why – on a serrated knife, each serration has to be manually sharpened individually. This guide will show you every step on

How to Cut Meat Like a Professional Butcher (5 Top Tips)

If you’ve ever walked in to your local butcher’s and seen first hand a professional cutting away at an entire carcass, you know that it can look quite brutal.The knives are sharp, the cuts (after years of practice) come swift and clean. There’s often excess

How to Use a Steel Knife Sharpener

How to Use a Steel Knife Sharpener

There’s nothing quite like a good, sharp knife. Being able to slice through foods smoothly and quickly can make your prepping that much easier. However, when your reliable blade starts to become dull, it can quickly turn a quick process into a drawn out, annoying one. Don’t

How to Take Care of a Knife

How to Take Care of a Knife

If you don’t already have a set of high-quality knives, there’s a good chance that you’ll purchase one at some point in your life. When that happens, you’ll need to know how to provide good care to the blades to make sure they stay in top

How to Close a Tactical Knife

How to Close a Tactical Knife

If you’re new to using a tactical knife, you may find that it’s easy to open but confusing to close. Not to worry – we can help you with getting your tactical knife closed safely and securely so that you can store it when you need

How to Cut Pallets

How to Cut Pallets

Breaking down a pallet can be tough work, but using the right tool can make it quite a bit easier. If you have a Sawzall on hand, then following through this simple guide won’t require too much effort. If not, it’s worth considering if you

How To Use A Tap & Die Set The Right Way

There are all sorts of situations where you may need to create or repair a thread. From screws that break off in their holes, to damaged bolts that need to be drilled out again. Whether you’re a mechanic, metal or woodworker or just up for

How To Use A Log Splitter

There are three different types of log splitters available; the three categories are electric, gas and manual. Determining which type is the best type for you, ultimately depends on your needs as well as the budget that you have to work with. (For our in

tomato knife

How To Cut A Tomato And The Best Knife For The Job

Like most ingredients in the kitchen, there are specific ways you can cut a tomato. In fact the way you cut or slice will have an impact on the way the flavours are released, the texture of the food and of course the aesthetic result

A Short Guide to the Very Useful Dado Blade Set

Dado blade sets are popular choice with many woodworkers and there are a number of projects that call for their specific use. The fact is, the dado blade is one of the best tools available if you want to create a dadoe or rabbet joint.

An Introduction to the Versatile Pocket Hole Jig

Simple to execute pocket hole joinery has changed the face of woodworking for millions of amateur enthusiasts. With an easy to use pocket hole jig, it is now possible to make strong, professional looking projects without the prerequisite years of training or experience. Furthermore, it’s

Things to Consider when Using a Tap and Die Set

Tap and die sets are an extremely handy tool. Whether you are mending damaged thread or threading new material, having a quality tap and die set on standby for the job is what you need. However, as with any tool, to get the most out

Top Tips for better Plasma Cutting

In a follow up to our recent look at some of the best plasma cutters on the market, we have decided to bring you a short top-tip guide to get better use out of your new tool. The fact is plasma cutters are relatively easy

How to Keep Your Tile Saw Blades in Tip-Top Condition

Tile saw blades take an extreme amount of abuse, even from the most careful of owners. Whether operated daily by a tradesman or occasional home use, the best way to ensure that your blades continue to work at peak performance for as long as possible

How To Use A Machete – The Right Way

A quick disclaimer before we start. This short tutorial is guidance on using a machete for clearing brush the right way, not how to swing a machete like a knife wielding maniac in the street. There’s no room for that kind of behaviour here at

How To Use A Wood Chisel

A chisel is one of the most important not to mention the least understood woodworking hand tools. And while we took an in depth look at some of the best chisels available on the market today (here), it is time we covered some of the

How To Carve A Turkey With An Electric Knife

It’s Thanksgiving. You’ve just pulled your turkey out of the oven and your friends and family are starving. You pick up your electric knife, (head to our top 5 electric knife choices for more on that), look down at the delicious bird on your table…and then

How To Use A Splitting Maul

In a follow up to our recent top 5 best splitting maul review article, we thought we would take a closer look at what this often overlooked tool has to offer. First though, in an effort to cover all the bases we will go right

How To Sharpen Broadheads

Today I am going to discuss how to sharpen a broadhead and the best tools on the market to do so. The table below will show you those tools at a glance. Keep on reading for full details on how to use each of them,

How to use a Sheet Metal Brake

In a follow up to our recent review guide on sheet metal brakes we thought we would take a good look at how you actually use one. Despite the fact the brake can vary in size, from the small portable offerings designed for contractors, auto

A Short Drum Sander Safety Guide

Safety first should always be at the forefront of your mind when using a drum sander. These are powerful machines that can cause maximum damage in the blink of an eye should a body part end up in contact with the sanding disc. Precautions such

How to Use a Miter Gauge (A Short SU Guide)

The miter gauge is an important piece of equipment that all table saw owners should add to their system. Not only are they useful for making cross-cuts, since most table saw blades can be angled up to 45-degrees, the miter gauge will give your saw

How to Use a Core Drill

A core drill is simply a drill that is designed to cut holes into concrete and masonry in a way that removes the core of the hole as it works. We have covered the different types of core drill in detail here. The most common

A Close Look at European Hinges for Cabinet Making

We recently published an article that took a look at boring jigs and reviewed 5 of the best currently available on the market. One issue that came up from a number of readers is the question of the European hinge system. While we did recommend

Sword Play – 4 Essential Samurai Techniques

The Japanese samurai were the warrior elite in ancient Japan. Highly trained, with considerable skill the samurai were adept in battle and were masters of the sword. The Samurai were extremely disciplined with a code of conduct that was followed by all that were part

How to Sharpen a Chisel with a Waterstone in 5 Easy Steps

Keeping your chisels sharp is an important part of superior woodworking. Blunt tools will not give you the professional finish that all craftsman should strive for. However, sharpening your tools is often one of those tasks that it is easy to leave on the backburner.

An Introduction to the Box Joint (AKA Finger Joint)

The box joint is a go-to option that all woodworkers gravitate towards for some project or another. It is a great way of joining two pieces of wood. And while the dovetail joint is often seen as the superior choice, (classic, strong and beautiful are

Spring is Here: Tree Pruning 101

Spring is here and now many people will be turning towards their gardens and once again enjoying their outside space. As part of the season TLC you may pick up the pruning saw or even the pole saw, to start cleaning up the look of

A Beginners Guide to using a CNC Machine

A CNC machine is an excellent tool to have in your home workshop? Once you have shopped around and bought the right model to suit your needs, you will be able to cut out beautiful designs quickly and accurately. However, the research doesn’t stop at

Drill Press Maintenance Tips (Safe Operation For Longer)

To ensure that your expensive floor drill press keeps on operating as it should, you will need to carry out some routine maintenance every now and then. Nothing overtly complicated, just some occasional tender, love and care to keep your machine running smoothly and accurately.

Post Hole Digging Tips: How to Use a Gas Powered Auger

Using a gas powered auger to dig the holes for your fence posts is a lot less back breaking than the manual method. That doesn’t mean to say it’s all plain sailing however. Gas powered augers are heavy, (you may even have a 2 man

How To Make A Neck Knife

As you may have read in our recent best neck knife review article, this handy little tool is a small knife worn using a cord around a person’s neck. The blade provides personal protection due to its ease of access as well as multipurpose design.