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What Is The Definition Of A Breakfast Knife?

Originally invented in France, the breakfast knife is a really great knife to have in your kitchen drawer. Let’s be honest, you may not have even heard of one before so let’s see what this knife is all about. In past decades, having the right

A Short History Of The World Famous Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is recognized the world over. The bright red handle with a small white cross, concealing multiple blades and fold-out tools has been the go to pocket knife for boy scouts, army regiments and of course the everyman too, for over a

How To Use A Machete – The Right Way

A quick disclaimer before we start. This short tutorial is guidance on using a machete for clearing brush the right way, not how to swing a machete like a knife wielding maniac in the street. There’s no room for that kind of behaviour here at


The role of ‘The Carver’ in the Renaissance Court

The talented carver (trinciante) had a special role in the Renaissance court. He alone would be expected to cut the bread, fruit, meat and fish in full view of the banqueting guests. The actual carving of the meat was a demanding performance that was meant