Parts list for Finger Board II

Bill Of Materials, all parts can be found from Radio Shack, Digikey, and Jameco. All resistors ½ Watt or less. All similar parts found on “Handy Board” can also be used on Finger Board.

Item #QuantityPart Reference #Description
11C11uf tantalum capacitor, 25 volts or greater
24C2,C5,C6,C7.1uf monolithic capacitor
32C3,C422pf capacitor (20pf can be substituted)
45C8,C9,C10,C11,C121uf tantalum capacitor, 16 volts or greater
51C1310uf tantalum capacitor, 6.3 volts or greater
61D1HLMP-1790 LED (2ma rating)
71D21N4007 or 1N5817
92D4,D51N5817 (optional, only for external SRAM battery backup)
101JP1OST 2 terminal block connector 3.5mm lead spacing. Digikey Part#ED1514-ND
117JP10,JP12,JP13, JP16,JP17,JP18,JP19Header 2×1 (all headers are .1″ straight male double row. Jameco Part#103405 – snap apart to correct length)
121JP2Header 7×2
131JP4Header 4×2
142JP6,JP11Header 2×2
152JP7,JP8Header 8×2
161JP9Header 10×2
172JP14,JP15Header 3×2
185J1,J2,J3,J4,J5Solder Pads (on PCB, not a part)
191P1Female DB9 pin connector short profile
201Q1BS170 or MOSFET N (optional, for remote serial reset)
215R1,R2,R5,R6,R810K ohm resister
221R31Meg ohm resister
231R447Kohm inline resister pack. (Part# 10-1-473)
241R71K ohm resister
252S1,S2Momentary normally open push button switch.
Digikey Part#SW263CT-ND
261U1MC34064P-5 (Motorola)
271U2LM7805 (+5 volt regulator)
281U3DS1230AB/Y Dallas 256kbit (32Kbyte) battery backed static ram. Substitute a DS1244Y if a real time clock is needed. You can also use a Dallas DS1216D 28 pin lithium battery socket but will need separate 256kbit 62256-100LP static memory chip
291U4MC68HC11A1FN CPU (Motorola)
331U8MAX232CPE (Maxim)
341Y18Mhz Crystal – Series
351IC socket28 pin socket
361IC socket52 pin PLCC socket
372 3×2 Female IDC connectors
381 Ribbon cable – 1 foot length , 6 conductor
391Optional16×2 character LCD module
401OptionalBeeper 5 volt TTL or speaker
411BT13 Volt Battery (optional external battery for SRAM backup)

Additional items:
½” 4-40 plastic standoffs for mounting.
2 jumper shunts for JP6
Use headers with a contact lead length of .230″(shorter style) for expansion boards.

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