MiniDaq is an 8 channel, 12bit analog to digital acquisition board for the IBM PC, with 4 digital input channels and 7 digital output channels. It connects to the parallel port of your PC and requires no external power. Typical uses are high speed strip chart recording, data logging, process control, home automation, an electronic workbench, etc. When used with National Instruments Labview, it becomes a very versatile instrument for process control and data logging. With the supplied software libraries, you can create custom control and data logging applications in C, BASIC, and Excel.

MiniDaq A/D and I/O board for the IBM PC

MiniDaq Schematic circuit and MiniDaq interface circuits in Acrobat PDF
Manual in Acrobat PDF.
Latest DLL drivers and manual.
Online assembly manual. This page may take awhile to load due to the many images.
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ list.

12 bit, eight channel single ended or four channel differential input (4096 discrete points). Maxim186 data sheet
Bipolar mode: -2 to +2 volt input.
Unipolar mode: 0 to 4 volt input.
Relative accuracy: + 1 LSB.
4 digital TTL inputs.
7 digital TTL outputs.
Single channel A/D sample speed: 6000 samples/sec using a Pentium 166 with data acquisition program written in Microsoft Quick Basic version 4.5 for DOS. Depending on the speed of your computer, the actual sample rate may vary. The maximum sample rate of MiniDaq is dependent on how fast your computer is and by using acquisition programs written in optimized C and assembly language.

Power requirements:
5volts DC taken internally from PC parallel port or external 6 to 12volt DC supply. Unit can be run from a 9V battery for best results.
Current consumption: 7ma DC.

2.45″ long 2.1″ wide .65″ deep

Labview, C, Quick Basic, Visual Basic and Excel libraries, demos and example programs provided on floppy disk. Software and updates may also be downloaded from our WEB site.


Completely assembled and tested unit: $85.00 (click here for image)

All parts and PC board in kit form: $65.00
(Good electronics assembly techniques are required for this kit. Not recommended for beginners).

Bare PC Board: $15.00 (click here for image)

Software on 3.5″ floppy disk: $5.00

Please include $5 shipping and handling for destinations within the continental United States. All other areas, please contact us for shipping charges.

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