The Edgecraft M315S Professional Asian Electric Knife Sharpener

Edgecraft M315S Asian Electric Knife Sharpener Review

If you have invested in different types of knives for your kitchen, it would make sense that you should maintain these tools as best as you possible can. Therefore, if you have enough Asian style knives to warrant it, buying a standalone Asian style electric knife sharpener is definitely worth considering.

The Edgecraft M315S is actually one of very few electric sharpeners specifically designed for your Asian style knives.

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There, we said it right at the beginning of the review – If you need an electric knife sharpener to take care of your Asian style knife collection, Chef’s Choice has manufactured the system for you.

The M315S can actually accommodate all variations of Asian style blades and thickness. Traditional single-bevel to double-bevel knives, Deba-style blades, and sashimi knives can all be sharpened using this tool.

Utilising the precision spring guides that you will find in most of the Chef’s Choice range, the M315S sharpens using double bevel facet edges, each set at a 15 degree angle.

Again those familiar with Chef’s Choice sharpening products will recognise the efficient 2 stage approach the M315S Asian Electric Sharpener takes.

The first stage hones each side of the blade with 100% diamond abrasives, while the second stage is used to polish the edge with ultra fine flexible stropping abrasives.

In short, leaving you with perfectly maintained Asian style knife edges that are razor sharp and ready for use.

The M315S is actually quite a sexy beast too. Available in jet black with red product lettering, this certainly looks good on a contemporary kitchen worktop.

Edgecraft M315S Professional Asian Electric Knife Sharpener

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Bottom Line

We have pretty much covered this in the main review. If you have Asian style knives in your kitchen and you are not one to use a manual sharpener, then the Edgecraft M315S Electric Sharpener is for you. It does present the most reliable and efficient way of maintaining your Asian knife collection.

Product Details

  • Electric 2-stage knife sharpener designed specifically for Asian-style knives
  • For double-bevel or traditional single-bevel knives, sashimi knives, and Deba-style blades
  • Advanced precision spring knife guides control the sharpening angle for foolproof results
  • First stage hones with fine 100-percent diamond abrasives; second stage polishes
  • Measures 10-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 6-2/5 inches; 2-year limited warranty.

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