22 Beautiful Custom Pocket Knives (Guaranteed To Give You Knife Envy)

Here we have a collection of 22 beautiful custom pocket knives. The care that has gone into handcrafting these tools is evident in every single image. The creation of a custom knife provides the knife-smith unparalleled opportunity to work with a variety of materials; from leather, steel, bone and wood. Many have been finished with artistic engravings that set the knives apart. They are quite simply stunning.

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1. Heritage Craft from William Henry


2. A Custom ZT 0550

sharpen up custom pocket knife

3. Sleek Ergonomic design by Filip De Coene

sharpen up - custom-pocket-knife-G10
Filip De Coene Explorer Framelock

4. Custom Tactical Pocket Knives From Brian Tighe

custom-pocket-knives-sharpen up

5. Day of the Dead Celebration (By Chuck Gedraitis)

Engraver Andrew Ovalles (Image Credit: sharpbycoop.com)

6. A Tactical Folder From Sal Manaro

(Image credit: tactical-life.com)

7. A liner-lock and a lock-back pair from Ron Best

sharpen up pocket knives
(Image Credit: sharpbycoop.com)

8. Twist Tighe Daggers by Brian Tighe

custom-pocket-knives-sharpen up

9. A beautiful Steve Hoel knife with engraving from Brian Lee Hands

sharpen up beautiful pocket knives
(Image Credit: sharpbycoop.com)

10. Custom splendour from Andre Andersson


11. The Kadima Custom Flipper Folder

flippa folder

12. A Schofield X Ensizen Limited Edition

Schofield X Ensizen Limited Edition Pocket Knife sharpen up
(Image Credit: Etsy.com)

13. Clockwork Precision from Tuffknives


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14. A Wayne Morgan Stunner

sharpen up knife 1

15. Custom Neck Cleaver by Stone Wood

sharpen up pocket knives

16. Another beauty from Andre Andersson

sharpen up andre andersson

17. Tactical Finesse from Mick Strider

sharpen up mick strider

18. A Jeff Chaffee with Mosaic Linerlock

sharpen up pocket knife collection

19. Pleasing Curves from Richard Teserik

sharpen up collection

20. A Steampunk Folder from Peter Martin

steam punk folder

21. A Little Art Nouveau

art knives

22. A Pocket knife beauty from Jose Debraga

sharpen up pocket knife beauties
(Image Credit: sharpbycoop.com)

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