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How to use a Concrete Grinder and Some Top Tips for Better Results

Concrete grinders are a very handy tool that can perform a range of grinding, polishing and surface removal tasks. Furthermore, whether you are using a handheld machine, or walk-behind grinder, the principle action is much the same; both tools use rotary action rather than impact

A Beginners Guide to using a CNC Machine

A CNC machine is an excellent tool to have in your home workshop? Once you have shopped around and bought the right model to suit your needs, you will be able to cut out beautiful designs quickly and accurately. However, the research doesn’t stop at

How To Use A Tap & Die Set The Right Way

There are all sorts of situations where you may need to create or repair a thread. From screws that break off in their holes, to damaged bolts that need to be drilled out again. Whether you’re a mechanic, metal or woodworker or just up for

How to Cut Laminate Flooring & the Tools to Use

If you are thinking about embarking on some DIY to lay laminate flooring there are a few things you need to consider before you begin. Apart from sourcing the new boards, you need to make sure you have the correct tools for the job. And

Top Tips for better Plasma Cutting

In a follow up to our recent look at some of the best plasma cutters on the market, we have decided to bring you a short top-tip guide to get better use out of your new tool. The fact is plasma cutters are relatively easy

Best Laminate Floor Cutter – Top 5 Picks For 2017

One of the most convenient ways of preparing laminate for a new flooring project is by using a laminate cutter. They are a clean, easy to use and very affordable. So what is the best laminate cutter on the market today? As with all good

The Best CNC Machine Router Kit in 2017 (Top 5 Reviewed)

Those in the know fully understand that CNC routers are fantastic machines. They allow the user to bring life to their designs very quickly indeed. A good CNC router offers precision cutting with speed, and these days at a very affordable price. So what is

What is the Best Plasma Cutter for the Money in 2017?

Plasma cutting technology has now reached a stage where affordable, portable style cutters are within the budget of home users and small professional workshops. However, with the wide choice now available it does raise the question what is the best value plasma cutter on the

The Best Tap and Die Set in 2017 (TOP 5 REVIEWED)

If you need to cut new material or repair old thread that has lost its way, the tap and die set in the go to tool of choice. But with so many on the market today, which is the best one to buy? Well we’re

Best Box Joint Jig (Incra I, Woodhaven, Rockler & More)

If you regularly create box joints, (or a woodworker looking to give this strong, versatile joint a go), one of the best tools you can have at hand is the box joint jig. However, with such a wide range of jigs currently available it can

How To Use Bolt Cutters Like A Boss

Call me a fool, but a good set of heavy-duty bolt cutters is an instant testosterone injection. After picking up a hand tool that is capable of crushing through steel bars with minimum effort you can’t help but want to unleash that destructive force at

The Best Splitting Maul For The Money (Top 5 Reviews)

What is the best splitting maul on the market today? The fact is, if you are going all out to buy a dedicated splitting tool, you’ll want to be sure that you are getting a quality product that is built to last. To help you