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The Best Man And His Sword

The origin of the best man as an integral part of wedding proceedings is in interesting one. The tradition is thought to be Germanic Goth and stem from a time where people were expected to take a bride from within the community. With an inadequate supply

A Short History of the Shirasaya Sword

A lot has been written about the history of the Katana and Wakizashi sword. We have covered some of the story here and here respectively. The Shirasaya on the hand gets scant mention and is often overlooked when it comes to detailing the history of

Sword Play – 4 Essential Samurai Techniques

The Japanese samurai were the warrior elite in ancient Japan. Highly trained, with considerable skill the samurai were adept in battle and were masters of the sword. The Samurai were extremely disciplined with a code of conduct that was followed by all that were part

A Short History of the Japanese Sword

To condense the history of the Japanese sword and the sublime craftsmanship that has stemmed from the region over many centuries is no easy task. However, in this article I will attempt to get to the bare points of this long and interesting story, to

What is the Best Ninjato you can Buy Online in 2017?

What is the best ninjato sword you can buy online in 2017? That’s exactly what we are going to look into today. With our buyer’s guide below we set out some of the considerations you should have before buying a ninjato. We have also pulled

In Search of the Best Wakizashi for Sale in 2017

For the samurai in pre-industrial Japan, a sword was much more than a weapon. It was a symbol of their identity and an extension of who they were as a man. Two swords were pivotal to the military elite. The pair formed what was known

Odachi for sale – In search of the Best Odachi Swords Online

Anyone that has seen an Odachi sword close up will understand that they are very formidable weapon. Being a large two-handed sword that could be wielded with devastating impact, there is something truly awesome about the reality that warriors once used them in battle. This

Best Katana Sword for the Money in 2017

If you’re in the market for buying the best katana sword, you may have discovered that the search can be a minefield. There is a large range of katanas available and the opinion on which is the best is nearly as wide as the options

How to Sharpen a Sword with a Whetstone

Many people collect swords across America. And although we predominantly offer advice on how to sharpen kitchen knives and hunting / sports knives, the same techniques and tools can be used to sharpen swords too. And let’s face it, if you have purchased an expensive