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An Introduction to the Versatile Pocket Hole Jig

Simple to execute pocket hole joinery has changed the face of woodworking for millions of amateur enthusiasts. With an easy to use pocket hole jig, it is now possible to make strong, professional looking projects without the prerequisite years of training or experience. Furthermore, it’s

How to Keep Your Tile Saw Blades in Tip-Top Condition

Tile saw blades take an extreme amount of abuse, even from the most careful of owners. Whether operated daily by a tradesman or occasional home use, the best way to ensure that your blades continue to work at peak performance for as long as possible

A Short Guide to the Very Useful Dado Blade Set

Dado blade sets are popular choice with many woodworkers and there are a number of projects that call for their specific use. The fact is, the dado blade is one of the best tools available if you want to create a dadoe or rabbet joint.

English Wheel Basics – What is it and how to use one

The English wheel is an essential metal working tool, that is associated with the craft of panel beating. More specifically, it enables the user to form compound (double curvature) curves from flat sheets of metal. The most often used material with a an English wheel is

How to use a Sheet Metal Brake

In a follow up to our recent review guide on sheet metal brakes we thought we would take a good look at how you actually use one. Despite the fact the brake can vary in size, from the small portable offerings designed for contractors, auto

A Short Drum Sander Safety Guide

Safety first should always be at the forefront of your mind when using a drum sander. These are powerful machines that can cause maximum damage in the blink of an eye should a body part end up in contact with the sanding disc. Precautions such

How to Use a Miter Gauge (A Short SU Guide)

The miter gauge is an important piece of equipment that all table saw owners should add to their system. Not only are they useful for making cross-cuts, since most table saw blades can be angled up to 45-degrees, the miter gauge will give your saw the ability to

How to Use a Core Drill

A core drill is simply a drill that is designed to cut holes into concrete and masonry in a way that removes the core of the hole as it works. We have covered the different types of core drill in detail here. The most common

A Close Look at European Hinges for Cabinet Making

We recently published an article that took a look at boring jigs and reviewed 5 of the best currently available on the market. One issue that came up from a number of readers is the question of the European hinge system. While we did recommend

Sword Play – 4 Essential Samurai Techniques

The Japanese samurai were the warrior elite in ancient Japan. Highly trained, with considerable skill the samurai were adept in battle and were masters of the sword. The Samurai were extremely disciplined with a code of conduct that was followed by all that were part