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A Closer Look at the Interesting Tanto Blade Design

Earlier this year we conducted an in depth review round up of 10 carefully selected Tanto knives across a range of user budgets. With that came our usual detailed buyer’s guide. However, if you just want some general information about this interesting blade design, we

How To Make A Neck Knife

As you may have read in our recent best neck knife review article, this handy little tool is a small knife worn using a cord around a person’s neck. The blade provides personal protection due to its ease of access as well as multipurpose design.

The Best Flipper Knife You Can Buy In 2017 (Top 5 Reviewed)

The flipper knife first came on to the market in the mid 90s. Since then, the design has stood the test of time. Thumb studs and thumb holes, may have come before, however, when it comes to opening an EDC knife with one hand, the

In Search of the Best Tanto Knife (A 2017 Review Round Up)

Looking for the best tanto knife in 2017? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed 10 excellent blades, to give you the full lowdown on what’s available right now. The 2 tables below show are top picks in both the premium and budget

What Is The Best Karambit Knife in 2017? (Top 5 Reviews)

The karambit is a handy little tool, designed for precision work and safety. Because of their popularity out in the field, you can find folding karambits as well as fixed blade karambits. There are also custom karambits available should you want to add a touch

In Search Of The Best Neck Knife (Top 5 Reviews)

When searching the best neck knife there’s a few things you need to consider. While you want your knife to be strong, sharp and well built, it also needs to be lightweight, (you’re carrying it around your neck after all) with a sheath that is

The Best Machete You Can buy in 2017 (Top 5 Reviews)

What is the best machete you can buy in 2017? The fact you have found this page, means you are probably looking for machetes for sale and need advice on what’s available. However are you aware that there are various styles of machetes, from the

Ultimate Guide To Survival & Pocket Knives [Infographic]

Infographics are great way of learning new information. A quick search online and you will find all manner of impressively designed graphics, with detailed info about knives and sharpening. Take the one below, courtesy of They have provided a wonderful resource all about survival

The Complete Guide To Survival Knife Blades

Here we have a very interesting infographic from the now defunct, USA Knife Shop. It contains a full list of knives you might come across in the field, from the functional Wharncliffe blade to a Samurai sword edge, and many in between. Very handy if

“That’s not a knife… THAT’s a knife.”

Would you believe it has been 30 years since Paul Hogan uttered that famous line in Crocodile Dundee, which first appeared on movie screen across the world back in 1986. And while Australia’s famous fictional outback expert has been superseded in recent years by the

In Search Of The Best Boot Knife? (TOP 5 PICKS FOR 2017)

Welcome to our top 5 best boot knife reviews for 2017. There are so many boot knives available these days it can be hard to know what is the best for you. Do you opt for a stainless steel boot knife, or a ceramic one?