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Meat Slicer Reviews – Our Top Rated Picks For Xmas 2017

Welcome to the ultimate article for meat slicer reviews. Whether you’re looking into something for the home or for commercial use, you will find all you need to know on this page. Below you can view our top 5 best meat slicers in each category,

The Best Poultry Shears Money Can Buy (Our Top 5 Picks)

Poultry shears, kitchen shears or scissors – no matter your preferred name for these handy cutting devices, the fact is every kitchen should have a pair. They are ideal when it comes to breaking down chickens, (hence the name poultry shears) but are also excellent

How To Cut A Tomato And The Best Knife For The Job

Like most ingredients in the kitchen, there are specific ways you can cut a tomato. In fact the way you cut or slice will have an impact on the way the flavours are released, the texture of the food and of course the aesthetic result

Bright Ideas – How To Make A Homemade Kitchen Knife Block

While surfing the net looking for some interesting content to bring you guys, we’ve come across this rather neat little idea from a small blog called ‘Another Bright Idea‘. The post basically shows you how to create a safe kitchen knife storage block from any

Best Butcher Knives On The Market Today (Top 5 for 2017)

If you’re dealing with meat in the kitchen there’s a number of knives you will want within easy reach. And while most cooks will have a chef’s knife as the go to tool, the grillmaster will want to have a butcher knife. However, with the

Best Paring Knife For The Money in 2017 (Top 5 Reviews)

Every kitchen needs a good paring knife. Its versatility for a number of small culinary tasks, makes the paring knife one of those understated work-horses. Essential, yet too easily overlooked. So how do you go about selecting the best paring knife in 2017. Well, by

How To Sharpen A Fillet Knife

Whether your a fisherman, a fish monger or a cook that enjoys preparing fish for the plate, the fillet knife will be one of your most important tools. (Head here to see our number one fillet knife for 2016). With this being the case, you

Top 5 Best Mezzaluna Knife Reviews for 2017

The Mezzaluna knife is a handy little tool that is finding its way into more and more home kitchens in recent years. Mezzaluna actually means “half-moon” in Italian. Featuring a curved blade with handles each end it is easy to see why the knife got

How To Carve A Turkey With An Electric Knife

It’s Thanksgiving. You’ve just pulled your turkey out of the oven and your friends and family are starving. You pick up your electric knife, (head to our top 5 electric knife choices for more on that), look down at the delicious bird on your table…and then

Top 10 Best Cheese Knives (Covering All Cheese Types)

When you have guests over for dinner and the main meal is finished, there is nothing better than breaking out the cheeses, popping open another bottle of red and putting the world to rights with some (hopefully) decent conversation. If in the past you have

How To Use A Boning Knife

In a follow up to our recent look at the best butcher knives on the market, we are going to discuss another very handy tool you will find in both the kitchen and the butcher’s shop: the trusty boning knife. So, what is a Boning

Best Electric Carving Knife Reviews (A top 5 Round Up)

An electric carving knife is an essential purchase around Thanksgiving, however there are many other uses for an electric knife beyond carving up the turkey, which make it a good tool to have in the kitchen all year around. So, in true Sharpen-up form we