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Bright Ideas – How To Make A Homemade Kitchen Knife Block

knife holder how to make them

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While surfing the net looking for some interesting content to bring you guys, we’ve come across this rather neat little idea from a small blog called ‘Another Bright Idea‘.

The post basically shows you how to create a safe kitchen knife storage block from any old container that you might be able to find around the house, (it really is up to you, however the more aesthetically pleasing it is the better – after all, you’re going to want to put your handy work on display). You will also need a packet of bamboo skewers for this home made mini-masterpiece.

Rather than try to describe exactly how you go about it, let’s turn to pictures instead.

Make Your Own Kitchen Knife Block

To make the basic model, all you need is one of these:

glass jar for kitchen knife holder

Then using the aforementioned bamboo skewers:

bamboo skewers to make home made kitchen knife holder

Place the skewers in to your jar and hey presto, you have your very own home made kitchen knife storage block:

knife holder finished

A perfectly safe method of storing your kitchen knives, and definitely better than having them rattling around your drawer getting damaged.

Adding a little spice

As we mentioned above, the actual container may be anything suitable enough to place on your shelf or kitchen work top.

Maybe a ceramic head is your thing:

Ceramic-pot kitchen knife holder

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Having your kitchen knives sticking out of the top of this would certainly be a conversational piece next time you have guests over for dinner.

Or maybe something a little more subtle and ornate:

pot for knives

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The choice is really up to you. So starting digging around for a nice looking pot, order your bamboo sticks and a way you go, a homemade kitchen knife block that is far more interesting than anything you can find in the stores.

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Bright Ideas – How To Make A Homemade Kitchen Knife Block
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