The Best LED Work Light You Can Buy – Corded, Cordless & LED

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A good, reliable work light is an essential tool in getting a job done the right way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in the home, in the garage or out on the driveway. When working with knives, saws and any other cutting tool proper illumination is an important safety step as well as a performance enhancer.

To cater for all the different scenarios you might need a work light, the market has come up with a wide range of options. From cordless to battery-powered, LED or Halogen – we will now look at some of the best work lights you can buy today.

For our findings at a glance just check out the table below; for full reviews of each – keep on reading.

Best Work Light Round-Up



1. BigBright Portable Super Bright 6000 Lumens 54W LED Work Light

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2. Bayco BA-2116 Corded LED Work Light with Magnetic Hook

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3. DEWALT DC020 Cordless/Corded Worklight

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4. Bosch Bare Tool FL12 12-volt Max LED Cordless Work Light

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5. Auxbeam® LED Work Light Bar Spot Off road vehicle lightingt

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6. LightFox 20” inch 126W Cree LED Off Road 4wd Spot Flood Combo Light Bar

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The different types of work light


As we touched upon above, there are a number of choices when it comes to buying a work light.

There are different power options of course, but that’s just the start. You can opt for a range of sizes and beam patterns, support configurations, (i.e tripods, vehicle-mounted, hook hanging) and bulb types.

There is also the fundamental cordless v corded debate, which we will take a look at now.

Corded Led Work Light vs. Cordless work lights


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Whether you opt for a corded or cordless work light is obviously very dependant on the circumstances you will be using it.

If the light is primarily for your workshop a corded option is definitely the way to go.

Plugging your light into a power outlet means you do not have to concern yourself with keeping a battery charged, or the potential loss of light due to the light running out of juice.

On the other hand, if you do jobs from place to place and portability is a must, you should certainly consider the cordless battery-powered work light.

Even if you plan to work in your own home but all over the house, a cordless light can make things a whole lot faster.

Battery-powered best LED work lights are the best to buy as they draw far less power. The battery will last a lot longer as a result.

The Corded Work Light

Generally speaking, corded lights make the best workshop lights. They are also the best work lights for the garage or workbench.

Working in these environments is pretty static, the decreased need for portability and the ready access to a power outlet means the battery-powered light is often unnecessary.

Of course in a perfect world, you would have both a corded and cordless option available. Let’s take a close look at our top recommended corded best LED work lights.

Best Corded Work Light

1. TOP PICK: BigBright Light Portable Super Bright Water Resistant 6000 Lumens 54W LED Work Light

As the name suggests, the BigBright is work light with some beef. The water-resistant, 6000 lumens super bright LED light is actually powerful enough to light up an entire room.

The lights cast 360-degree illumination making it an ideal option if you want to simply brighten up the inside of your workshop or garage. And 6000 is a lot more than your average corded work light, (to put into perspective, the manufacturers claim the light can sufficiently fully illuminate a 2 car garage).

That being said, the BigBright still manages to be a very portable and lightweight tool. It features a heavy-duty strap for easy carry. This also allows you to hang the light where ever you happen to be working, whether in the garage or the back of your truck.

The best-LED light is long-lasting and very efficient. It will of course also take a beating a lot better than a halogen work light. This versatility, along with the robust casing design makes it a very reliable light for work environments.

To protect any surface that you place the BigBright on, it has soft rubber feet.

Pros of the BigBright Light Portable Super Bright Water Resistant 6000 Lumens 54W LED Work Light

  • Robust design
  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient LED
  • Extremely bright 6000 lumens power (can light up an entire 2 car garage)
  • Hard-wearing strap for easy carry and hanging functionality
  • Soft rubber feet to minimize scratching

The Cons

  • There are corded work light options available that are more affordable

Bottom Line

Tough, extremely bright and suitable for a wide range of practical working environments, the BigBright is a high quality work light that is our top pick corded option. Highly recommended.

2. Bayco BA-2116 6 Foot Cord Corded LED Work Light with Magnetic Hook for Hand-Free Lighting

The Bayco BA-2116 Corded best LED Work Light is another great option for those need extra illumination while on the job.

The main bonus here is the magnetic hook design that allows for simple hands-free operation. Just hook the light from an appropriate edge and you will have a very handy light right where you need it.

Bayco has manufactured a compact, moisture and chemical resistant case that really stands up to the conditions of any workplace whether home shop or in a commercial setting.

The light features a generous 6-foot cord. The internal LED light boasts up to 35,000-hours of life.

The USA designed tool also has magnets in its body and top for alternative ways of fixing the light into place.

Pros of the Bayco BA-2116 6 Foot Cord Corded LED Work Light with Magnetic Hook for Hand-Free Lighting

  • Durable design – Impact, Moisture and Chemical Resistant
  • LED light with 35,000 Hour Life
  • Magnetic body and top that allows for convenient clamping
  • Also features a hook for hands free lighting
  • 6 Foot Cord Length

 The Cons

  • Not as powerful as our top pick BigBright

Bottom line

The Bayco is a really practical light with some fantastic design features. Ideal if you want to illuminate the work area in your workshop, garage or wherever you happen to be using it. Not as powerful as the BigBright, but very useful all the same.

The Cordless Work Light


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The best handheld led work light will very often be the cordless option. They are clearly much more convenient to use and allow for greater flexibility in the absence of a tethered power cable.

In fact, the smallest portable work lights can be used as flashlights or as a simple to pack option for your camping trip.

However, most battery-powered models have reduced lumen capacity when compared to their corded counterparts.

The best battery powered work light will be easy to mount. Whether this is via a hook, clamp or magnetic fixtures when you are working you will want both hands free for the job.

With all this in mind, let’s take a closer look at our top recommended cordless, battery-powered work lights.

1. Top Pick: DEWALT DC020 Cordless/Corded Worklight

Dewalt needs no introduction in the world of work tools and hardware. We have featured many of their products within

They are a consumer favorite because of the consistency of their output; i.e, they build quality tools.

The Dewalt DC020 is no different. This extremely well designed portable led work light actually allows for battery-powered as well as corded operation.

In our humble opinion this makes it one of the most versatile work lights on the market today.

The DC020 packs a 38-watt fluorescent bulb, with a substantial 2,700 lumens capacity.

Despite the fact this is not LED, the light has reduced power draw and runs at a much cooler temperature in comparison to the average halogen work light.

To power the DC020 using batteries you will need the 12-/18-volt DEWALT batteries, (unfortunately these are not supplied).

A great feature that the guy’s over at Dewalt has included are the two AC power outlets. This eliminates the need for additional power strips and makes the DC020 a very convenient option for work environments.

Should you want longer life power, the DC020 work light is also compatible with DEWALT’s 18-volt XRP extended run-time batteries. (These are said to provide 40% more run time than standard Ni-Cad options).

A bonus of the XRP battery system is that a wide range of Dewalt tools use them. You may already own these batteries, (and not need to buy extra) or will see this as a way in to begin a larger collection of Dewalt power tools.

Finally, DEWALT back the DC020 with a three-year limited warranty, as well as a one-year free service contract.

Pros of the DEWALT DC020 Cordless/Corded Worklight

  • 2,700 lumens of lighting power
  • Versatile operation – Runs on AC power or batteries
  • Compact design – easy fold-up, transport, and storage
  • Equipped with two AC power outlets for increased Jobsite power
  • Uses Dewalt 12 volt or longer life 18-volt batteries
  • Comes complete with a three-year limited warranty and one-year free service

The Cons

  • Dewalt batteries do not come cheap and these are not included with the DC020

Bottom Line

The Dewalt packs some great features is versatile and powerful making it a great option work light. The fact it can be run on both corded configuration and long-lasting 18-volt batteries make this a real winner.

Keep in mind you will have to fork out for the batteries on top of the unit price, however.

2. Bosch Bare-Tool FL12 12-volt Max LED Cordless Work Light

The Bosch FL12 12-Volt Max LED work light is a great option for those that need hand-free lighting in tough working conditions.

The light contains 10 high-intensity LEDs, which are able to run for up to 6 hours continuously on one 2.0Ah battery charge.

A handy feature to prolong battery life is a dim function. This in effect increases the run time of a Bosch 12-Volt Max battery by a factor of 2.

Other great design features include the 200 degree articulation and 2 powerful magnets for convenient placement of the light.

There is also a carabiner clip for alternative hands-free use as well as a 1/4-inch screw thread to mount the light onto a standard tripod. For the over-hanging fitting, the Bosch FL12 also has a simple nail hook.

As with the top pick Dewalt, Bosch has not included the battery with this light, meaning you will have to buy that separately.

Pros of the Bosch Bare-Tool FL12 12-volt Max LED Cordless Work Light

  • Very bright using 10 energy-efficient high intensity LED lights.
  • 200-degree articulation
  • Versatile mounting options – 2 magnets, a carabiner clip, 1/4-Inch screw thread for tripods and a nail hook
  • 6 hours of runtime with a 2.0Ah battery (can also run on a 4.0Ah battery for 12 hours).
  • Run time is doubled in Dim Mode.

The Cons

  • Battery not included
  • Does not run off AC as an alternative power source

Bottom Line

Durable design and energy-efficient LED work light from the reliable Bosch. For those looking for a good portable led light option will be very pleased with the performance and design features. Highly recommended.

Vehicle Work Lights


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Another type of work light you can buy are those that are specifically designed to be used on your vehicle.

These are generally high powered flood light that can be mounted onto equipment bars on trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

This type of light can be rotated to light up specific areas. Great for hunters and nocturnal outdoor pursuits, they are also widely used by farmers that need to work before sunrise.

Let’s take a closer look at our featured work lights for vehicles.

Best Vehicle Work Lights

1. TOP PICK: Auxbeam® LED Work Light Bar Spot for Off Road

The Auxbeam has everything you need in a good vehicle work light. First, the design of the 20W LED light ensures that the beam is able to project long distances while still providing soft light for close quarters.

Another big plus point is the fact you can use the light while driving on the road; the light minimizes glare so that you do not endanger oncoming traffic.

Inside the Auxbeam is a cleverly constructed aperture system, with a 4D fish eye hyper spot lens. This concentrates the light for an ultra-clean beam. (The unit features a 30 degree, spot beam pattern.)

Durability is key too, it is required to withstand tough outside environments after all. The Auxbeam has a full aluminum housing and is IP67 rated Waterproof dustproof, quakeproof as well as anti-corrosive.

The robust construction also acts as a heat sink to take care of any issues there.

  • Power: 20W (2000lm)
  • Working Voltage: DC 10~30V(fits 12V/24V vehicles)
  • Number of Chips: 4*5W high power PHILIPS LEDs
  • Beam Angle: 30 degrees (spot beam pattern)
  • Color Temperature: Pure White 6000K
  • Working Temperature: -40~85 degree Celsius
  • Size(with Bracket): approx 80mm*90mm*80mm/3.15*3.5*3.15inch
  • Size(without Bracket): approx 80m*75mm*80mm/3.15*3*3.15inch
  • Material: Black Diecast Aluminum, clear PC plate
  • Bracket: metal, 150-degree angle adjustable
  • Approx 50,000hrs lifetime

Pros of the Auxbeam® 2 Pcs 4″ 20W LED Work Light Bar Spot PHILIPS LEDs for Off road vehicle lighting ATV UTV Golf cart

  • Powerful LED 20W Work Spot Light
  • 4D Fisheye hyper spot lens – bright and concentrated beam while being energy efficient
  • Durable construction – IP67 rated Waterproof, dustproof and even quakeproof

The Cons

  • Some users have commented that the mounting brackets are not up to the quality of the light itself.

Bottom Line

Overall the Auxbeam LED work light is a powerful and robust option for anyone looking for reliable vehicle-mounted illumination. The long beam and reduced glare output, as well as the tough, superior casing, meaning you will be using these bad boys for years to come.

2. LightFox 20” inch 126W LED Light Bar Off Road 4wd Spot Flood Combo

We have chosen a lightbar as our second vehicle work light option. The LightFox 20 inch 126W LED light has some real benefits making it worthy of your attention.

This is a low current light that does not put any strain on your vehicle battery; it also saves you on gas.

Durable design is another big priority – featuring a 6063 aluminum body, complete with vertical fins for heat dissipation, this is a work light up to the demands of heavy-duty outdoor use.

The performance of the light is high quality too. LightFox have created a tool that can provide a flood light beam of 60 degrees while being versatile enough to create a spot beam of 30 degrees. This combination functionality gives you excellent overall light spread.

Furthermore, the LED output provides a further irradiation distance when compared to a normal halogen bulb.

  • 1Pc 126W led light bar
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets
  • Screws Set

  • Power: 126W
  • 42pcs*3W high-intensity Cree LEDs
  • Working Voltage: DC 9-32V
  • Lumen: 15000lm
  • Beam: Flood Beam(60 degree) & Spot Beam(30 degree) combo
  • Color Temperature: Pure White 6000K
  • Working Temperature: -40~85 degree Celsius
  • Protection Rate: IP67
  • Life Span: 50,000 hours
  • Material: 6063 aluminum profile, metal bracket, PC Lens
  • Certified by CE, ROHS

Pros of the LightFox 20” inch 126W LED Light Bar Off Road 4wd Spot Flood Combo

  • Robust 6063 aluminum construction (waterproof Ip:67 dustproof and shockproof)
  • 126W LED bar lighting, complete with deep optic reflector
  • High-quality spot and flood patterns
  • Energy-efficient design with quick cooling heat sink

The Cons

  • Very few negative comments for this product. One user did find the mounting nuts were extremely tight on first purchase.

LightFox have a designed a top-notch vehicle lightbar work light system with this product. Powerful while being energy efficient and built like the proverbial tank, this is definitely a solution worth considering. Highly recommended.

The Benefits of the LED work Light


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As you may have noticed from our top picks, the majority of the lighting units utilize LED lighting systems.

There is a good reason for this. The fact is, best LED lighting has some major benefits over traditional halogen options.

First and foremost, they are very energy efficient. Power drain is reduced with LED lighting, however, luminance is not impaired.

This has made LED lights the go-to choice when it comes to battery-powered devices. They just last a lot longer.

Another benefit is the lack of filament. This makes LED lights more portable, (there is no filament to break) as they can easily handle the knocks and bumps of your average working environment.

LEDs also have a long life span – up to 50,000 hours with the correct casing design.

At the end of the day, what more could you want from your work light solutions? Tough, bright, long-lasting with efficient energy consumption – the LED ticks those boxes and more.

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