The 5 Best Palm Sander – 2024 Reviews and Comparisons

Palm sanders are great little tools for home projects, building your own furniture and a whole lot more. While you’re shopping for one, it’s a good idea to consider things like the price, vibration and overall quality of the product. Using this handy guide, you’ll be able to find the best palm sander to suit your needs.

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Comparison Table

ProductNameFeaturesLatest Price


1. Makita BO3710
  • Runs smoothly
  • Low levels of vibration
  • Functions quietly
  • Efficient


2. Makita BO4556K
  • Highly reliable
  • Excellent value
  • Fantastic performance
  • Great for home projects
3. Black + Decker BDEQS300
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Great dust control
  • Convenient switch for locking and unlocking
4. Porter-Cable 380
  • Highly compact
  • Runs smoothly
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable pricing
5. Bosch Orbit ROS20VSC
  • Great dust collection
  • Less vibration than other options
  • Excellent price
  • Durable electric cord

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Best Palm Sander: Reviews

1. ​​​​Makita BO4556K

This is a handy little option that comes at a fantastic price. Because of that, it’s a great option no matter what your budget looks like.

Product Highlights

This little device is a great one for smaller tasks. It offers sanding capabilities at 14,000 OPM, which is plenty for many tasks you may need to complete. Furthermore, the device is made with a handy rubberized grip that provides more comfort to your hands as you work.

If you choose to, you can also opt to purchase the sander with or without a case. The case is an ideal addition if you’re going to need to travel with your sander. It also makes for a great place to store the tool. Overall, this is a device that has left many satisfied.

The Good

This Makita tool is one that is able to offer great performance, allowing those who use it to get their tasks completed in a reliable way. In addition, it’s capable of working just as well as sanders that come with a higher price tag, making it one that can give you a lot of value.

The Bad

While it’s largely a reliable little sander, it can also have some issues with the motor wearing out too quickly. In other cases, the plastic on the tool can become too hot and end up melting.


  • ​Highly reliable
  • ​Excellent value
  • ​Fantastic performance
  • ​Great for home projects


  • ​Motor can wear out
  • ​Plastic can melt

​2. ​​​​Makita BO3710

If you’re looking for something reliable and easy to use, this is a fantastic choice. It’s very affordable and made to prevent high levels of vibration.

Product Highlights

When you want something for your household tasks that isn’t quite as powerful as the BO4556K, this is a fantastic choice to go with. It offers an easy-to-use design that allows just about anyone to keep control over it, making it a great choice for things like hobbies and DIY projects.

The BO3710 is also able to provide 11,000 OPM when it comes to power. While this is a little lower than some other options, it’s still plenty to ensure most tasks are taken care of. The lock-on button also allows those using the device to have a little more comfort.

The Good

This is a great choice for those who are seeking comfort while they work. The vibration on many sanders can leave people with numb hands, but that is less of an issue with this handy little machine. It’s also a choice that will be less likely to harm your ears with loud sounds.

The Bad

While it’s overall a good device, the dust collection bag on this sander can be prone to breaking open, so that’s something that is worth watching out for. Additionally, it may not be the best choice for those who need something for wet sanding.


  • ​Runs smoothly
  • ​Low levels of vibration
  • ​Functions quietly
  • ​Efficient


  • Dust bag  prone to breakage
  • Not suitable for wet sanding

​3. ​​​​​Black + Decker BDEQS300

For those who are looking for a solid budget choice, this little sander is an ideal option. It’s simple to control, lightweight and is sure to get the job done.

Product Highlights

This little Black + Decker model is one that is ideal for those who are looking for something they can use to finish up a household project or take on smaller tasks. It comes at a highly affordable price, making it easy for even those on tight budgets to obtain.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this option does have less power compared to pricier models, but it’s still a great choice for smaller, more basic tasks or when you need to handle detail with something that has the ability to be more gentle than high-powered sanders.

The Good

When you want a lightweight option, this is a great way to go. It’s extremely easy to handle, which is great for those who may not be the most experienced with sanders. Consequently, if you need something for a beginner, or that won’t need a lot of use this is a solid choice.

The Bad

There can be some instances where the clamps can be harder to use. This can result in the sandpaper falling off the device, or in it having a hard time with getting the job done. Otherwise, it’s also a good idea to be aware that it may stop working without apparent cause.


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Great dust control
  • Convenient switch


  • ​Can cease working suddenly
  • ​Clamps can be difficult to use

​4. ​​​​​​Porter-Cable 380

This is a tool that many have found to be very reliable as well as compact. When you need more control over your sander, this is a choice worth trying out.

Product Highlights

This is another great choice for those who are working on a budget. It also offers a bit more power than the Black + Decker sander. With 13,500 OPM, this one comes close to the BO4556, which is a model that is a bit more expensive by comparison.

In addition, this is also a model that seeks to reduce wear on your hands by lowering the amount of vibration you experience. That’s an ideal feature for those who are going to need to use the tool for longer periods of time.

The Good

As far as sanders go, this is one that provides a ton of value through offering a lot of power at a lower cost. It’s also one that has been found to run quite smoothly, making control easier overall. In addition, the compact design makes it a tool that is ideal for many.

The Bad

Some can find that the quality on this device can suffer a little, resulting in sandpaper having a hard time staying attached and general breakages occurring more easily. This is something that is worth keeping in mind with any especially budget-friendly device. A lower cost can sometimes also mean a less durable machine.


  • ​Highly compact
  • ​Runs smoothly
  • ​Simple to use
  • ​Affordable pricing


  • Sandpaper falling off
  • May break easily

​5. ​​​​​​​Bosch Orbit ROS20VSC

If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a quality sander, this is the way to go. Many find it to be very reliable and it offers superior dust collection.

Product Highlights

There are many who depend on Bosch products like this sander to provide them with a handy tool they can rely on for the long term. While it may be more costly than some other options, it’s also one that is designed to provide a higher level of quality, allowing it a longer lifespan.

On this tool, you’ll be able to get anywhere between 7k and 12k orbits per minute, which is quite similar to other options in this list. However, the range allows users to change up their speed depending on the task they need to get done.

The Good

This is a fantastic choice for those who want reliable dust collection. Keeping your space clear of dust can make it easier to see what you’re doing and avoid mistakes. Furthermore, this is an option with an especially durable cord, which can be quite a benefit in some cases.

The Bad

While the dust collection on this device is usually reliable, there can be instances when it can begin to leak sawdust. In addition, it’s a powerful tool with a larger handle, so it may be a little harder to keep control of for some users. Make sure to test it out if you can to make sure it’s the right choice for you.


  • ​Great dust collection
  • Less vibration
  • ​Excellent price
  • ​Durable electric cord


  • ​May begin leaking sawdust
  • ​Can be difficult to control

​​Palm Sander Buying Guide

There are several aspects worth considering when you’re shopping for a new palm sander. The following are some especially important features, so think about what you need with regard to each one.


Naturally, it’s a good idea to think about your budget when it comes to finding the ideal sander. Remember that a low price can sometimes indicate lower quality, unless that low price is the event of a sale, or you are lucky enough to find a great product with a lower price.

Amps – Orbits Per Minute

The amps on these devices can range pretty greatly. It can be helpful to think about your situation, and what it is you need the sander for. If you’re looking for something that can handle a specific task, try to find the best sander speed for that task. However, if your tasks vary, then you may want a sander that allows you to work at different speeds.


Some sanders are more compact than others, so it’s wise to think about what size will be best for you. In some cases, lightweight sanders can be easier to control, but they may not offer the same power as larger ones. It’s really worth trying a few out to find the best one.

The Tasks You Need to Complete

What you need the sander for can really drive the kind of sander you need to get. There are different kinds out there, like orbital sanders and finishing sanders, which can work better in different situations. If you’re unsure which will work best for your project, do a little research or ask a professional.


There are often reasons why the popular brands out there are so popular. Whatever brand you’re looking into, make sure to check out the reputation of the brand as well as the products they offer. This can help you to find something reliable.

Best Palm Sanders FAQ

Do I need speed adjustment?

This depends on what you’re going to be working on. If you have a variety of project types, you may need a variety of speeds.

Should I use an orbital or straight-line sander?

If you’re doing something like finishing a woodwork project, then a straight- line sander is a great option. If you’re looking to remove something from the surface of an item, orbital sanders are better.

What sandpaper do I use?

Depending on the type of sander you get, you can either trim down regular sandpaper, purchase adhesive-backed sandpaper, or look for replacements for an orbital sander.

Can I use a sander on kitchen cabinets?

Typically, yes. It’s going to be worth checking with a seller when it comes to the different types of sanders, however. Some may find that orbital sanders are good choices for this task.

Should I connect a sander to a vacuum?

When you can, it is a good idea to connect a sander to something like a Shop Vac, which can help with keeping dust out of your way.


Among the options listed here, the Makita BO3710 is one of the most recommended out there. It comes at a middle-ground price that works well for most people. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, provides less vibration and offers decent control.

Make sure to compare it well with our other options, as they are all excellent choices. Now that you’ve taken a good look at this list, you should be able to find the perfect sander for your projects.

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