The 5 Best Cabinet Table Saws For 2024 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

best cabinet table saws

One of the most necessary pieces of equipment for woodworking is a cabinet table saw. These saws not only provide a lot of power to get the job done, but also provide you with a solid working space that is ideal for cutting larger pieces of wood on a stable surface.

Here, we’re looking at some of the best cabinet table saw options to help you with getting through every task. Take a look at what these great saws have to offer.

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Comparison Table

ProductNameFeaturesLatest Price

1. Jet 708675PK
  • Efficient critical measurements
  • Extended fence table
  • Enclosed blade housing

2. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252
  • Advanced safety setup
  • Detailed instructions
  • Easy to set up
3. Shop Fox W1819
  • Simple setup
  • Affordable pricing
  • Runs smoothly
4. Powermatic PM1000
  • Decent amount of power
  • Cuts efficiently
  • Durable
5. Grizzly G0690
  • Cuts efficiently
  • Easy setup
  • Only minor adjustments needed

​​Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews

1. ​SawStop PCS31230-TGP252

For those who are seeking a high-quality machine, this saw is absolutely worth taking a look at.

Product Highlights

Though this may be a saw with a higher price than others in this list, it’s one that is backed up with a lot of durability. Furthermore, this is a device that places heavy focus on safety, which is hugely important when it comes to using a saw. The slightest mistake can result in serious damage.

In addition, it uses a T-Glide Fencing System that allows for a larger surface to work on as well as operation that runs more smoothly overall. The SawStop is a fantastic machine that works well to provide high levels of safety to those using it as well an incredible performance.

The Good

Saws can be used in the creation of a number of fantastic things. They are often necessary tools when it comes to certain kinds of woodwork, either as a hobby or for work. However, they can also be very dangerous and the slightest misstep can result in severe damage that can destroy a person’s ability to work.

Because of that, this saw places added focus on safety. While the safety systems can be a little annoying to some users at times, they do a great job of helping woodworkers to keep their hands and fingers intact. This system in itself is something worth considering.

The Bad

There are few complaints to be had about this machine, but those who are interested in purchasing it should keep in mind that it is one of the more expensive choices out there. Because of that, it may be not be ideal for those who are on a tighter budget.

Some can also find that the safety system is more sensitive than they would like. Consequently, it can sometimes confuse wood for fingers and cease working. This can become annoying to some, as the machine may frequently stop when there isn’t actually anything in the path of the saw.



  • ​Advanced safety setup
  • ​Detailed instructions
  • ​Easy to set up



  • Difficult to adjust
  • Expensive
  • ​Safety system can be touchy

​2. ​​​​Shop Fox W1819

If you’re looking for a saw that provides a lot of value at a fair price, take a look at this machine.

Product Highlights

The Shop Fox will provide what you need at a price that works well for most users. It’s built with trunnions, wings and a table that are all made using reliable cast iron. Furthermore, this device provides a riving knife with quick-release features for added convenience.

With a 3HP motor, you’ll also be able to trust that this is a machine that will offer plenty of power to just about any task. Many also appreciate the durability of this product, so you can worry less about having to replace it too soon. It’s truly designed to be a lifetime tool.

The Good

Alongside the lower price, it’s worth keeping in mind that this machine will require assembly. However, most find that the setup is very simple, which isn’t something that always applies to these kinds of machines. The process can be even easier if you enlist in some help.

Furthermore, it’s a reliable machine that can run very smoothly when it is set up correctly. Just make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and handle any adjustments that you may need to make to allow the machine to fit your needs better. You’ll be doing fantastic woodwork with this tool in no time at all.

The Bad

While this is overall a quite powerful device, it can sometimes have problems with materials that are particularly thick. This can be a struggle for those who need to do some more intense cutting, so you may want to think about a stronger option, or having a backup in those instances.

On top of that, it’s important to keep in mind that there can sometimes be issues during shipping that result in damage to the machine. Make sure to check it over for damage as soon as you receive it. The fence on the device may also need to be adjusted in order to be suitable for your work.



  • ​Simple setup
  • ​Affordable pricing
  • ​Runs smoothly



  • ​Difficulty with thick materials
  • Fence require adjustments
  • ​Damage during shipping

​3. ​​​​​Jet 708675PK

If you’re looking for something simple and effective, then this is a great option to check out.

Product Highlights

While this jet saw might not look like anything incredibly fancy, it’s an option that offers a great deal of functionality. Due to the design of the riving knife, it’s made to avoid problems with kickback or binding so that you can work effectively. Furthermore, when you want to change the blade quickly, the arbor lock allows you to do so at the push of a button.

It’s also a machine that is made to work quietly, so your hearing can be protected. That said, it’s still always a good idea to make sure you have some hearing protection as well as eye protection while you’re working.

The Good

There’s a lot to appreciate about this machine. It’s a durable, reliable piece of equipment that is sure to provide just about everything you need for your woodworking tasks. The enclosed blade housing is great in combination with a vacuum to keep sawdust from getting in the way.

In addition, the extended fence table helps to keep your projects more stable and even, allowing you to get a more efficient cut. Many also appreciate that the critical measurements needed for their tasks are accurate, which makes for a much easier time overall.

The Bad

Overall, this is a pretty decent machine. However, some can experience issues with it that are worth noting if you’re in the market for a new saw. To begin with, it will need to be assembled. Depending on where you buy it, you may be able to pay to have it assembled at your home. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to call in a friend.

 In some cases, the tabletop can also prove to be less even than you may expect. It’s worth keeping an eye out for this, as it may require some adjustments before you get to work. Finally, the motor is a lower-amp option, so it may not always be powerful enough to cut through thicker materials.



  • ​Efficient critical measurements
  • ​Extended fence table
  • ​Enclosed blade housing



  • ​Assembly required
  • ​Tabletop not level
  • ​Lower amp motor

​4. ​Powermatic PM1000

The Powermatic is a machine that offers a simple, useful design to woodworkers at a budget-friendly price.

Product Highlights

This is a great machine for those who are not only seeking an efficient saw, but also one that can keep control of sawdust. What also makes this machine highly valued is that it only needs 115 volts of power, and in return it provides you with a whole lot of sawing power.

With a simple design, this saw is easy to use and is sure to get the job done. It’s also made with a miter gauge that allows you to adjust the device as needed so that you can get cuts in a much wider range. It’s truly a machine that is worth checking out.

The Good

Many who try this device out are pleasantly surprised by the amount of power it is able to provide. While it may only have a 1.75HP motor, it’s able to do a lot of heavy lifting, which is great for those who really need the extra power but don’t want to pay the price that may come with it.

This is also a very heavy-duty device, which proves to be quite durable. In combination with the ability to cut quickly and efficiently, it’s really a device that provides a lot of value for the price. As you’re shopping, make sure you throw this one into your comparisons.

The Bad

While there are many things that this device brings to the table, it can also have difficulties with the tape measure included on the machine. Some can find that the tape measure isn’t quite as accurate as they would like, which can disrupt the creating process.

 There can also be some complaints about the color, as the machine you receive may not be quite the same shade of yellow as the advertised picture indicates. This may not be a big issue for everyone, but it can be rather important to some who use it. This is also a machine that requires self-assembly.



  • ​Decent amount of power
  • ​Cuts efficiently
  • ​Durable



  • ​Requires assembly
  • ​Color different from expected
  • ​Tape measure may be inaccurate

​5. ​​​​​​​Grizzly G0690

For those who are looking for the perfect budget saw to add to their collection, the Grizzly is an ideal option.

Product Highlights

Not everyone is on the market for the more expensive saw options out there. For those who view woodwork as a hobby, or are simply looking to spend less, the Grizzly is a great choice. This machine is able to function at 4300 RPMs using the 3HP motor.

When compared to other options out there, that motor power is pretty serious. This is also a machine that is made to provide you a useful tool for a lifetime, so you won’t need to worry about replacing it unless you decide somewhere down the line that you’d prefer to have something different to work with.

The Good

One of the first things that can be noticed about this saw is that it does come at a lower price than many of the others in this list. This is something that those on a budget can appreciate, because it’s still a machine that offers durability, efficiency and power in addition to a lower cost.

It is a machine that you’ll need to set up yourself, though in some cases you can pay extra for assembly. However, most find that the setup is relatively easy, so you can likely to it yourself if you’re familiar with these kinds of machines.

The Bad

Like many of these machines, this one is going to need some assembly. Most of the time, setup isn’t too difficult but for some there can be problems along the way. Because of this, it’s a good idea to take it slowly and make sure that each piece is fitting correctly.

Another issue that some can find is struggles with getting the help they need from customer service. For the most part, the customer service offered by the manufacturer is quite helpful but it’s worth knowing that some can find otherwise. That way, you can be prepared for either situation.



  • ​Cuts efficiently
  • ​Easy setup
  • Minor adjustments needed



  • ​Must be assembled
  • ​Customer service problems
  • ​Difficulties during assembly

​Buyer’s Guide

While you’re shopping for a cabinet table saw, you’ll want to pay attention to the size of the machine, the price, motor horsepower, brand and the length of the table. All of these details can help to guide you towards the saw that will be the most useful for you.

As you look through these features, take note of what you’re looking for with regard to each. That way, you can find it easier to locate machines that will suit your needs. It can also help to think about what you’d use the saw for.

SizeMany cabinet table saws come in similar sizes, but some offer tables that can also be expanded for larger projects. Think about the kinds of things you normally make, or what you’re looking to make with a new saw. This can help to give you an idea about what size you’ll need for the table.

This is going to be even easier if you have measurements for your upcoming projects. If you find that you plan to be working on a range of things, it can be a good idea to get a table that can be adjusted. That way, you’re well prepared for large projects as well as smaller ones without having to make another purchase.


Another aspect that needs to be covered for just about any purchase is the price. This is something that is especially true for larger purchases like a cabinet table saw. It’s also worth noting that these devices can come at quite a range of prices, and those prices can definitely help to determine the level of quality within reason.

As you’re shopping, make sure to compare the available prices to what you get, whether or not you’ll need to assemble the machine yourself and the level of quality. Checking out what other customers have to say about a given machine can be a great way to get an idea about what a machine has to offer you.

It’s also worth remembering that focusing on quality over price can result in a machine that lasts longer, and therefore saves you money over time.

Motor Horsepower

The motor amps in a given machine can give you an idea about the kinds of jobs it can handle. For example, motors under 2HP may struggle more with materials that are thicker. Because of that, they may not be ideal if you have larger jobs with tough, thick wood. Make sure to check with any given machine to find out the thicknesses they can handle well.

For those who are going to need a decent amount of power, something with 2HP or greater are ideal options. Keep in mind that both of these speed options are going to require safety during use. Even a motor with less horsepower is still enough to damage hands or arms that get in the path.


Just like many other appliances and tools out there, some brands just carry a better reputation than others. This is worth considering as you’re shopping, because brands with poor reputations may also be more likely to offer machines at a lower cost. Although that might make the machines rather tempting, it’s worth considering whether or not a brand is known for quality machines.

Take a look to see what brands appear most often, and which tend to get positive responses from those who try them out. This can give you an idea where the brands are that can offer the most quality. You’ll also be able to take note of the brands that are best to steer clear of. Ultimately, this is going to be up to your own perceptions as to where you can get the best quality.

Table Angles

In short, the angles offered by a cabinet table saw are going to give you an idea for how versatile the device is. Not every cut is something you may want at a plain 90-degree angle, in which case you may want the saw to be able to address some other angles that can add more flair to whatever it is you’re making.

Generally speaking, each saw is going to be a little different, so you’ll want to think about the angles you want and try to find a saw that matches what you’re looking for. Remember, it’s always wise to take your time so that you can get the right machine rather than something you’ll have to return or replace.

Cabinet Table Saw FAQ

Are these saws good for all-day use?

This is going to depend on each individual saw. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to look for saws that are designed for industrial or professional use, as they tend to hold up better against hours of use at a time.

How do I adjust the blade?

One of the reasons such an adjustment might be needed is to get it to line up well with the miter slot. For this, you can often loosen bolts on the table top and move them as needed. However, this can differ depending on the machine that you have chosen to purchase.

Are blades included with these saws?

It’s going to be important to check on this factor for any given machine that you may be interested in. In many cases, blades aren’t included with the saws, but you’ll get pretty much everything else you may need.

How do I use a cabinet table saw?

Table saws are highly reliable devices that can be helpful for creating a number of things, like cabinets, tables, chairs and more. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use one, it might be a good idea to take a few woodworking lessons or otherwise get some training before using one.

How strong of a motor do I need?

 Typically, the strength of the motor will depend on what you’re using it to cut. If you’re cutting thicker materials, then it’s going to be worth considering something more powerful. On the other hand, you’re not likely to need too much power if you’re cutting thin woods.

​​Wrapping Up

On this list, the Jet 708675PK is the top choice. It has impressed many who use it, and it’s a great option for those who want something with a fair price. In addition, it offers a decent amount of power and precision that will surely get the job done. Make sure to give it a look as you search for the perfect saw.

Otherwise, keep in mind that the other options in this list are also fantastic machines. Each will work well for those who have different needs, budgets and more. Whichever one you choose, you’ll surely find the perfect cabinet table saw using this list.

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