EAS AVRprog is our in-circuit Atmel AVR programmer. It can be used to program our AVR8515FB single board microcontroller and other AVR boards that have a compatible STK200 10 pin programming port.

AVRprog programmer

AVRprog schematic (.pdf), layout (.pdf), and parts list.

Male DB25 connector to PC parallel port.
Low parts count.
Compact size, 2″ X 2″.
STK200 compatible 10 Pin programming header port.
Professional quality board with silkscreen.

Power requirements:
Requires external 5 Volt DC supply. This is usually supplied by the microcontrollers 10 pin programming header.

Any STK200 compatible programming software can be used to program the AVR. The freely available PonyProg programmer works well.

Bare PC Board: $5.00

No assembled units or parts kit are available. Bare PC boards are in stock.

Please include $5 shipping and handling for destinations within the continental United States. All other areas, please us for shipping charges.

For those only interested in purchasing a single bare pcb board, shipping and handling can be avoided by sending us the cost of the pcb and include a self addressed stamped envelope with your order. Please attach three first class stamps to the envelope with your legible return address. We suggest using cardboard floppy disks envelopes that can be purchased at office supply stores. US only.

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