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Top 5 Best Throwing Knives You Can Buy [Updated 2020 ]

https://www.sharpen––content/uploads/2016/07/throwing–knives–featured.jpg” alt=”throwing knives” width=”900″ height=”496″ /> Whether you are learning how to throw knives for the first time or a seasoned vet, the most important tool in your arsenal is of course the knives themselves. However, with so many available how do you know which are the

A Short History Of The World Famous Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is recognized the world over. The bright red handle with a small white cross, concealing multiple blades and fold-out tools has been the go to pocket knife for boy scouts, army regiments and of course the everyman too, for over a

whittling knife

What is the Best Whittling Knife in 2020 (Top 5 Picks)

Whether you are a beginner whittler or a seasoned pro, you are going to need the right tools to properly enjoy your craft. That means owning the right knife. However, which is the best whittling knife you can buy in 2018?As with any trade or

Karambit vs. Nakiri Knife

Karambit vs. Nakiri Knife

Knives and blades from Asia are gaining more and more attention in the United States, as we learn more about the benefits of these precise designs and the cultures that created them. Karambit and nakiri knives originated in Asia, but are making a big impact

fish fillet knife

Best Fillet Knife Buyer’s Guide (Updated for 2020 )

Whether you’re fisherman requiring a fish fillet knife to properly prepare the day’s catch, or you’ve bought some fresh fish from the market and you need the right tool to make sure the meat is cleaned and cut properly, we have dove right in to

diver and dive knife

In Search of the Best Dive Knife (2020 Update)

A good reliable dive knife is a must for serious scuba divers. Safety is paramount, and whether you are diving in waters with the potential threat of predators, or find your self in a situation where line needs to be cut fast; to know that

Buying The Best Broadheads in 2020 (Fixed Blade & Mechanical)

What are the best broadheads available today? And how do you choose? The market is flooded with options; with many of superior quality and ever increasing speed capacity. We are seeing broadheads designed today that are able to remain structurally sound and handle impact forces