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How to Cut Meat Like a Professional Butcher (5 Top Tips)

If you’ve ever walked in to your local butcher’s and seen first hand a professional cutting away at an entire carcass, you know that it can look quite brutal. The knives are sharp, the cuts (after years of practice) come swift and clean. There’s often

The Best Nakiri Knife You Can Buy (2018 UPDATE)

The Nakiri knife is a specialist tool in the kitchen and is mostly used for cutting vegetables, especially when precision and finesse are required. A good Nakiri knife will have a hollow ground carbon steel blade and will be designed to include a fine, flat

A Closer Look at the Interesting Tanto Blade Design

Earlier this year we conducted an in depth review round up of 10 carefully selected Tanto knives across a range of user budgets. With that came our usual detailed buyer’s guide. However, if you just want some general information about this interesting blade design, we

tomato knife

How To Cut A Tomato And The Best Knife For The Job

Like most ingredients in the kitchen, there are specific ways you can cut a tomato. In fact the way you cut or slice will have an impact on the way the flavours are released, the texture of the food and of course the aesthetic result

machete film still

The Best Machete You Can Buy in 2018 (Top 5 Reviews)

What is the best machete you can buy in 2018? The fact you have found this page, means you are probably looking for machetes for sale and need advice on what’s available. However are you aware that there are various styles of machetes, from the

fish fillet knife

Best Fillet Knife Buyer’s Guide (Updated for 2018)

Whether you’re fisherman requiring a fish fillet knife to properly prepare the day’s catch, or you’ve bought some fresh fish from the market and you need the right tool to make sure the meat is cleaned and cut properly, we have dove right in to

diver and dive knife

In Search of the Best Dive Knife (2018 Update)

A good reliable dive knife is a must for serious scuba divers. Safety is paramount, and whether you are diving in waters with the potential threat of predators, or find your self in a situation where line needs to be cut fast; to know that

How To Sharpen A Fillet Knife

Whether your a fisherman, a fish monger or a cook that enjoys preparing fish for the plate, the fillet knife will be one of your most important tools. (Head here to see our number one fillet knife for 2016). With this being the case, you

whittling knife

What is the Best Whittling Knife in 2018 (Top 5 Picks)

Whether you are a beginner whittler or a seasoned pro, you are going to need the right tools to properly enjoy your craft. That means owning the right knife. However, which is the best whittling knife you can buy in 2018? As with any trade

meat cleaver

Top 5 Best Meat Cleavers For The Money (2018 Review Update)

All good kitchens should have a decent meat cleaver in the rack. After all, they are definitely the best knife for cutting meat, (hacking into a whole chicken with your chefs knife is one quick way of ruining your tools). And while it is quite possible

butcher knives

Best Butcher Knives On The Market Today (Top 5 for 2018)

If you’re dealing with meat in the kitchen there’s a number of knives you will want within easy reach. And while most cooks will have a chef’s knife as the go to tool, the grillmaster will want to have a butcher knife. However, with the

karambit knives

What Is The Best Karambit Knife in 2018? (Top 5 Reviews)

The karambit is a handy little tool, designed for precision work and safety. Because of their popularity out in the field, you can find folding karambits as well as fixed blade karambits. There are also custom karambits available should you want to add a touch

In Search Of The Best Boot Knife (2018 UPDATE)

Welcome to our top 5 best boot knife reviews updated for 2018. There are so many boot knives available these days it can be hard to know what to opt for. Do you opt for a stainless steel boot knife, or a ceramic one? Pay

meat slicer reviews

Meat Slicer Reviews – Top Rated Picks [2018 Edition]

Welcome to the ultimate article for meat slicer reviews. Whether you’re looking into something for the home or for commercial use, you will find all you need to know on this page. Below you can view our top 5 best meat slicers in each category,

How To Carve A Turkey With An Electric Knife

It’s Thanksgiving. You’ve just pulled your turkey out of the oven and your friends and family are starving. You pick up your electric knife, (head to our top 5 electric knife choices for more on that), look down at the delicious bird on your table…and then

poultry shears

The Best Poultry Shears Money Can Buy (Top 5 Picks)

Poultry shears, kitchen shears or scissors – no matter your preferred name for these handy cutting devices, the fact is every kitchen should have a pair. They are ideal when it comes to breaking down chickens, (hence the name poultry shears) but are also excellent

Bright Ideas – How To Make A Homemade Kitchen Knife Block

While surfing the net looking for some interesting content to bring you guys, we’ve come across this rather neat little idea from a small blog called ‘Another Bright Idea‘. The post basically shows you how to create a safe kitchen knife storage block from any

How To Make A Neck Knife

As you may have read in our recent best neck knife review article, this handy little tool is a small knife worn using a cord around a person’s neck. The blade provides personal protection due to its ease of access as well as multipurpose design.

tanto knives

In Search of the Best Tanto Knife (A 2018 Review Update)

Looking for the best tanto knife in 2018? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed 10 excellent blades, to give you the full lowdown on what’s available right now. The 2 tables below show are top picks in both the premium and budget

paring knives

Best Paring Knife For The Money in 2018 (Top 5 Picks)

Every kitchen needs a good paring knife. Its versatility for a number of small culinary tasks, makes the paring knife one of those understated work-horses. Essential, yet too easily overlooked. So how do you go about selecting the best paring knife in 2018. Well, by

mezzaluna knife

Top 5 Best Mezzaluna Knife Reviews [June 2018 Update]

The Mezzaluna knife is a handy little tool that is finding its way into more and more home kitchens in recent years. Mezzaluna actually means “half-moon” in Italian. Featuring a curved blade with handles each end it is easy to see why the knife got

neck knives

In Search Of The Best Neck Knife (Top 5 Reviews)

When searching the best neck knife there’s a few things you need to consider. While you want your knife to be strong, sharp and well built, it also needs to be lightweight, (you’re carrying it around your neck after all) with a sheath that is

cheese knives

Top 10 Best Cheese Knives (Covering All Cheese Types)

When you have guests over for dinner and the main meal is finished, there is nothing better than breaking out the cheeses, popping open another bottle of red and putting the world to rights with some (hopefully) decent conversation. If in the past you have

How To Use A Boning Knife

In a follow up to our recent look at the best butcher knives on the market, we are going to discuss another very handy tool you will find in both the kitchen and the butcher’s shop: the trusty boning knife. So, what is a Boning

throwing knives

Top 5 Best Throwing Knives You Can Buy [Updated 2018]

Whether you are learning how to throw knives for the first time or a seasoned vet, the most important tool in your arsenal is of course the knives themselves. However, with so many available how do you know which are the best throwing knives you

Buying The Best Broadheads in 2018 (Fixed Blade & Mechanical)

What are the best broadheads available today? And how do you choose? The market is flooded with options; with many of superior quality and ever increasing speed capacity. We are seeing broadheads designed today that are able to remain structurally sound and handle impact forces

Best Electric Carving Knife Reviews (A top 5 Round Up)

An electric carving knife is an essential purchase around Thanksgiving, however there are many other uses for an electric knife beyond carving up the turkey, which make it a good tool to have in the kitchen all year around. So, in true Sharpen-up form we

Ultimate Guide To Survival & Pocket Knives [Infographic]

Infographics are great way of learning new information. A quick search online and you will find all manner of impressively designed graphics, with detailed info about knives and sharpening. Take the one below, courtesy of They have provided a wonderful resource all about survival

Best Way to Clean a Chef’s Knife

Whether you’re a professional chef or handy in the kitchen at home, your chef’s knife is going to see regular action. As the workhorse of the kitchen it is very important that you keep your knife clean. This of course is vital for hygiene reasons,

The Best Wharncliffe Blade (UPDATED 2018)

The Wharncliffe blade is very similar in profile to a sheep’s foot and people often get the two mixed up. However, on the Wharncliffe, the curve of the back edge starts closer to the handle and extends to the tip of the knife in a more

The Complete Guide To Survival Knife Blades

Here we have a very interesting infographic from the now defunct, USA Knife Shop. It contains a full list of knives you might come across in the field, from the functional Wharncliffe blade to a Samurai sword edge, and many in between. Very handy if

“That’s not a knife… THAT’s a knife.”

Would you believe it has been 30 years since Paul Hogan uttered that famous line in Crocodile Dundee, which first appeared on movie screen across the world back in 1986. And while Australia’s famous fictional outback expert has been superseded in recent years by the

The World’s Sharpest Knife?

Here at Sharpen-up we fully endorse sharp tools. In the quest for ultimate sharpness, we like to keep an eye out on the Internet to see just how crazy sharp some are able to hone their knives. Take this little video that we came across

A close look at the Yoshihiro range of Japanese Kitchen Knives

Yoshihiro cutlery quite rightly boast that they manufacturer the ultimate Japanese kitchen knives. The company has a fantastic reputation and is very much in a league of their own when it comes to the high quality handcrafted Japanese kitchen knives that they produce. In fact

japanese vs western style knives

Western vs Japanese Style Knives

Western Style Knives The fundamental difference between Western style knives and their Japanese counterparts, is the fact that the Western knife is sharpened on both sides of the blade. They therefore have what is called a symmetrical bevel. This obviously has an impact on the

A Short History Of The World Famous Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is recognized the world over. The bright red handle with a small white cross, concealing multiple blades and fold-out tools has been the go to pocket knife for boy scouts, army regiments and of course the everyman too, for over a

The Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set Reviewed

Now there’s no denying that the Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set is a little different. Just look at those colours! If contemporary technicolor styling is your thing, then you are in the right place. Not only are these knives nice to look at, they are pretty

Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Knife Set With Block – Reviewed

The Wusthof range of knives generally come in at the more expensive end of the consumer market, however there is good reason for this. Precision made in Germany, Whustof is a company with a fantastic reputation for manufacturing high quality knives that are built to