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My name is James and I am chef with experience working in kitchens across the UK and Australia. I obviously take my work home with me, and as you would expect have some spent a considerable amount of money on my kitchen knives over the years. Likewise, I have known for a long time the importance of looking after them. The correct sharpener and honing tools are vital.

I found myself often giving advice to colleagues, family and friends on what knives to buy, and what I considered the best sharpeners to be. My friend Stewart (who also writes and reviews on the site, and is a bit of a guru with the whole website thing) one day suggested I share my knowledge online.

And that is how the site started back in 2014.

We started out by taking our passion for the kitchen, our knowledge and wider research from across the internet, to bring you our opinion on the wide range of kitchen knives and sharpeners on the market today.

Sharpen-up has obviously grown a lot over the last few years, and with the help of contributing writers and other people passionate about all things sharp, we have managed to expand out into everything from garden tools, to outdoor knives and a lot in between.

The ethos has remained the same however. We offer our honest opinion on each piece of equipment based on its quality, price, functionality and ease of use.

We openly encourage your comments, whether directly to us via the contacts page, or open comments on the review pages. Your views will certainly help take the site to the next level.

We hope you find Sharpen-up useful. We are constantly updating the site with new reviews, comprehensive how to guides, advice and other handy information so be sure to check back soon.


James Steward.

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