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Best Portable Table Saw

Best Portable Table Saw [Complete Reviews & Comparisons]

Table saws make life in the workshop a lot easier, from giving a good working surface to taking the strain out of cutting large quantities of lumber at a time. Many professionals will assemble their worksite around their table saws, but what about once the

Best Jig Saws

Best Jig Saws For 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

For fine work, irregular corners, and stencil cutout’s in metal and wood, nothing beats a jigsaw. Modern jigsaws are small but powerful and very user-friendly. They are a must for small home projects or tough corner cuts on a job site. Read Article: Best Worm Drive

Best Cordless Jigsaw

Best Cordless Jigsaw [Complete Reviews & Comparisons]

Jigsaws are the default tool for many professionals when doing detailed or finishing work, known for their ability to make fine cuts in angles and curves where a larger saw cannot. Seasoned carpenters will always be on the lookout for a quality option in this tool,

Best Reciprocating Saw Blades

5 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for 2020 [Complete Reviews & Comparisons]

A reciprocating saw blade features reciprocating blades that alternate in a forward and backward movement. Typically, they are used for general cutting purposes. Related Article: Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws Of Quick Navigation ​Our ​5 Best Reciprocating Saw Blade Reviews and Comparisons1. ​​​​​Milwaukee 48-00-5713 Super Reciprocating Blades​2.

Best Professional Chainsaws

Best Professional Chainsaws for 2020 [Complete Reviews & Comparisons]

Felling trees and stripping requires the use of an effective chainsaw. Professional chainsaws are best equipped for felling trees in the shortest time possible. Related Article: Best Chainsaws Under $200 Quick Navigation ​Our ​Best Professional Chainsaw Reviews and Comparisons1. ​​​​​DeWalt DCCS670X1 Chainsaw​2. ​​​​​Husqvarna 455 Rancher​3. ​​​​​​Oregon

Best Cordless Circular Saws

Best Cordless Circular Saws Of 2020 [Complete Reviews & Comparisons]

There are various cordless circular saws available in the market. They are useful for a wide range of DIY and professional use. Related Article: Best Cordless Sawzall Of Quick Navigation ​Our ​Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews and Comparisons1. ​​​​​DEWALT DC390B 6-1/2-INCH 18-VOLT​2. ​​​​​BLACK & DECKER BDCCS20C

Best Laminate Floor Cutter – 2020 Review Update

One of the most convenient ways of preparing laminate for a new flooring project is by using a laminate cutter. They are a clean, easy to use and very affordable.So what is the best laminate floor cutter on the market today? As with all good tools

brad nailer reviews

Best Brad Nailer Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2020 UPDATE)

 Brad nailers are excellent tools that are useful for a wide range of wood and renovation projects However, like all good power tool products there’s a large number of Brad nailers available. From pneumatic to battery powered cordless, as well as different power grades and brands. Related

stud and joist drill

Top 5 Stud & Joist Drills Reviewed (A 2020 Update)

 What is the best stud and joist drill you can buy in 2018? That’s exactly what we will look into right now. We’ve selected 5 top rated drills currently available and taken an in depth look to bring you the lowdown on the quality of each.

The Best CNC Machine Router Kit in 2020 (Top 5 Reviewed)

Image Credit: Jeremy SchmidtThose in the know fully understand that CNC routers are fantastic machines.They allow the user to bring life to their designs very quickly indeed. A good CNC router offers precision cutting with speed, and these days at a very affordable price.So

best Reciprocating Saw

The 5 Best Reciprocating Saw – 2020 Reviews

A reciprocating saw is one of the most versatile saws available, being able to cut through just about anything.  However, choosing the right one can be difficult, so in this article, we’re going to review five of the best reciprocating saw available to help you

dado blades

Best Dado Blade Reviews – A Top 5 Dado Set Round Up

One of the best add-ons you can buy for your table saw is a quality stacked dado blade. ​The dado blade provides excellent versatility. Rabbets, dadoes, and groove, as well as tenons, can all be achieved using the tool.  Want to cut some spline slots? Or maybe

magnetic drill press

The Best Magnetic Drill Press (TOP 5 REVIEWS)

The magnetic drill is a versatile tool. Fabricators and contractors can choose from several types and sizes these days. Add that to the array of annular cutters available and the various features that manufactures pack into their drills and you are left with an overwhelming

biscuit jointer

Top 5 Best Biscuit Joiner in the Market For 2020

If you want to make clean efficient joints without unsightly screws or bolts one of the easiest ways of doing so is with the best biscuit joiners.But what is the best biscuit joiner on the market today?That’s exactly what we have set out to answer.

How To Safely Use a Metal Chop Saw

Do you have a project that demands you make use of a steel chop saw? This article essentially provides a clear explanation of what you should keep in mind when using a steel chop saw. Actually, all steel chop saws are designed with similar friction

How To Use A Scroll Saw

These days many homeowners don’t mind jumping in to fix up faulty home furniture as well as fixtures and fittings. If you are carrying out any intricate work with wood, one of the tools you will end up needing is the scroll saw. But do

Best Circular Saws

Best Circular Saw For 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

Hand-held circular saws are the basic carpentry power tool item of homeowners and construction contractors alike. The circular blade cuts constantly instead of pausing (such as seen in reciprocating saws) and therefore cuts wood and other materials faster.Related Reading: Best Battery Powered Circular Saw For

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What Happened to was once an e-commerce powerhouse, named to the “Inc. 500” list in three separate years.  Today, website visitors encounter a simple 404, “Not Found” page.  This article explores Tool King’s rise and fall. Brick and Mortar Success Don Cohen founded a small retail store

metal chop saw

Best Metal Chop Saw For The Money (TOP 5 REVIEWED)

So what is the best metal chop saw on the market today? Like all good power tools, there are many options available to the regular buyer. Your own requirements are also a big factor on the choice that you make.In this article we will take