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Monthly Archives: March 2018

A Short Guide to the Very Useful Dado Blade Set

Dado blade sets are popular choice with many woodworkers and there are a number of projects that call for their specific use. The fact is, the dado blade is one of the best tools available if you want to create a dadoe or rabbet joint.

An Introduction to the Versatile Pocket Hole Jig

Simple to execute pocket hole joinery has changed the face of woodworking for millions of amateur enthusiasts. With an easy to use pocket hole jig, it is now possible to make strong, professional looking projects without the prerequisite years of training or experience. Furthermore, it’s

Best Tile Saw for the Money (Top 5 Reviews for 2018)

Whether you’re a professional, a handyman or having a go at doing some home tiling – if you aim to do the job properly, you are going to need a tile saw. But which saw is the best? As you can imagine there are many