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wusthof-knife sharpeners

Wusthof Knife Sharpeners Reviewed

The WÜSTHOF brand has a fantastic reputation in the world of knife production and sharpening. Originating in Solingen, Germany, the company is now 200 years old, with 7 generations of the Wusthof family present at the helm since 1814; a remarkable fete in today’s age of company

OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening steel

OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening Steel

The OXO Good Grips Professional Sharpening Steel Reviewed OXO is a relatively young company in the knife-sharpening world. Founded in 1990, the firm actually specializes in a full range of kitchen and home utensils, including a well respected series of knives. Their mission statement focuses

Winco 12 inch knife sharpening steel

Winco 12 inch Knife Sharpening Steel Review

Winco are a relatively new comer to the knife sharpening arena. Established in 1992, Winco (Or DWL Industries Co.) now manufacturers and imports kitchenware all over the world. Their range of knife and sharpening products are actually targeted at professional chefs and restaurateurs, meaning the

Reviewed, J.A. Henckels 9-Inch Poly Knife Sharpening Steel

This 9 inch knife Sharpening Steel from J.A Henckels is a popular choice with home chefs and professionals alike. As you should all be aware by now, (and if not head to our knife sharpening ultimate guide), a sharpening (or honing) steel is designed for the everyday